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  1. For Sale/Wanted
    I've just entered the world of Ducati picking up a rather peachy 1098 last week. two things need doing but the main one for right now is mirror extenders. I cannot seem to find a set anywhere in the UK.
  2. Technical
    Alright so; I purchased this bike about a year ago off of Facebook marketplace. It is a 2008 1098s with an aftermarket exhaust and that’s it. Recently, I be been having an issue where when I’m in any gear around 5k-6k rpm and I give it hard throttle, the bike will just do nothing. Makes a weird...
  3. Bikes
    Hello! Asking $10,500 Located in Manchester, NH This is the 1198SP with the aluminum gas tank, factory slipper clutch, DQS(Ducati quickshifter), and Ohlins suspension. I've owned this motorcycle for a couple years and I just don't ride it enough. Its got a few carbon parts including the...
  4. 1098/1198
    Hi all, Having some issues with my 1098 starting Symptoms are as per the two video's I've uploaded here https://youtu.be/cXyo9fKGVt8 https://youtu.be/h-ORwGSzC64 I've checked the following, Originally thought its Spark plugs being wet, cleaned both but that didn't fix the issue. Battery...
  5. 1098/1198
    From North Texas, I say hello. I have, or I should say, my son has a 1098 that we are trying to either sell out right or part out. The horizontal head has bent valves as the belt had come off the cams. So it does need that. Other than that, it is a pretty clean bike. I am aware it is a...
  6. Technical
    Hi Guys, My bike (Duc 1098s yr 2007) hit 12,000 km and I was wondering whether I should check the valves. I know that the service manual says around those km when they should be checked. I am mindful of the effort to check and costs also. Appreciate feedback on when did you bother checking the...
  7. 1098/1198
    Just moved to Hickory, NC. I ride a 08 ducati 1098...looking for other folks to ride with....I'm 45 min north of charlotte. Feel free to shoot me an email if you're near this way and want to ride [email protected]
  8. Bikes
    The bike has 13K miles on it with all the services up to date. 7500 mile service was done 7/11 I'm the first owner and got the title in hand.9,900.00 OBO. No low ballers, In no rush to sell it. The Bike is located in North Jersey Call Me @ 973-692-8484 with any questions Plus @ 7500 mile...
1-8 of 8 Results