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  1. Technical
    So this are my issues 1) every time when I turn on my bike..everything is fine. it fired up right away. The issue comes when I ride off...and start to give it a little throttle. once the RPM goes up...my lcd display backlight, front headlight, rear brake lights, turn signals..just all shut...
  2. Bikes
    2008 1098s, local to indy area $12000 or best offer, not sure what they are going for so a little flexibility on price so i can get it sold a little quicker title in hand, only reason i am selling is to help with down payment on a new house and i don't get to ride it very often so might as...
  3. 848
    Just put this up on ebay. Discontinued Leo Vince Ti/Carbon Caps. #7786 Leovince Leo Vince Ducati 848 1098 Factory EVO II Slip on Carbon Caps 7786 | eBay
  4. 1098/1198
    If you have no constructive criticism to offer, KINDLY MOVE ALONG and mind your own business. :yo:Hello guys, since Denver CO drivers are very bad at driving cos they are always high of the green - :smoking::smoking::smoking: I mounted LED lights on the fairings to improve visibility and in...
  5. For Sale/Wanted
    I replaced my Stock "Lightweight 2-1-2 system with catalytic converter and lambda probe. Twin stainless steel mufflers " with a full Akrapovic exhaust awhile ago and dont need this lieing around any longer. It was on the bike for one season and has no visibile wear and tear and very few miles...
  6. 1098/1198
    Hi people,,, my first post here....! I have just bought a 1098S with a bit of damage to fairings and few other cosmetic bits..... Am just in the process of securing parts for it to restore it to its former glory if not better than that,,!! While looking at used fairings on eBay, I have come...
1-6 of 6 Results