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  1. Technical
    Hi everyone. I joined in this site new. I have a 2007 1098. I have a problem that nobody solved this. When the 1098 are heating up, it stop working . it happened in 100 °C nearly. Fuel pump, starter, battery cable, battery is a New. I cant sole this problem. Some ducati owners say this : you...
  2. Bikes
    I am selling my super trick 1098R / 848 racebike. The bike is awesome. It is a 2008 1098R with an 848 engine installed. Clean clear title in my possession. Lots of titanium hardware, everything has been done right. This bike is Super light, Fast and has all the best high end parts you can...
  3. 1098/1198
    Hello everyone, After many track days my 1098R decided to crack a piston. I was lucky and nothing else was damaged. Got the motor out took the heads and cylinder out. I use Motul 300V 15-50 and I change oil every track day so about every 2h. Finally got to see the merits of changing oil in...
  4. 1098/1198
    Hello! So obviously new to the Ducati family but just bought a 2007 Ducati 1098 used. It has race fairings and a lot of after market items on it so we are having a hard time figuring out if it is a 1098, 1098S or a 1098R. The man we bought it from was unsure and had no idea what he had as far as...
  5. 1098/1198
    Seeking a full Leo Vince titanium 85mm exhaust for a 1098R. Willing to accept both titanium or carbon cans. Please contact me if you have access to this. Thanks! Dave :dance:
  6. Technical
    Hello, I purchased an EVR basket and plates for my 1198sp (13k Miles). This is the first time I have worked on a clutch. I removed the pressure plate, nut, spring, drum, but the "flange" (as Ducati calls it) will not come off. Is it threaded? Or should I just be able to pull it off? If I...
  7. For Sale/Wanted
    Hi, I'm looking for 1098R OEM rearsets complete with levers/linkage, heel guards, in good to great condition. Thanks
  8. 1098/1198
    How many 1098R is made and how many are delivered to Europe?
  9. For Sale/Wanted
    1098R - 2008 Nr 134/450 1180 km Akrapovic Ti+ Yoshimura Öhlins front fork Matris rear shock Linear linkage Ducati corse slipper clutch Motion Pro quick throttle – 4 settings Ducati TC pod Ducati race ECU Power Commander 2 Marchesini rear wheels – forged 1 Marchesini front wheel – forged...
  10. 1098/1198
    Hey guys, My bike is at the shop getting ready to be dyno'd. Only mods are a full system and a light weight flywheel(not that it should count). I'll be using a tuneboy map on my ecu. I know they're are normally shitfits thrown about dyno results so i just wanted to ask before i post the dyno...
1-10 of 10 Results