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  1. 1098 Triple tree replacement

    I’m looking to replace the triple tree on a 1098s and hoping to get some beta here on brands that have worked well for others. Recent front end damage has lead to the search for better handling on the front end. I’m looking for feedback on the performance gains in the field and track with...
  2. 2007 1098S Stalling and NOT restarting

    Forgive me if this has been discussed somewhere but couldn't find anyone having the same issue as me. I recently purchased a 2007 1098S, with a little over 6,000 miles. Service on the bike was meticulous and all the records came with it. While riding, anytime the bike gets anywhere near 200...
  3. 2008 Ducati 1098S w/5828 miles - $9,000

    2008 Ducati 1098S w/5828 miles - $9,000 Garage kept, bike has never been wrecked or down. Unfortunately, due to a back injury during my time in the Marine Corps, I need to let this amazing machine move on to an owner who can get more use out of it. Title in Hand! Includes: Slip- on...
  4. Ducati 1098s Tricolore racebike 4 sale 1100km Genuine many extras

    Up for sale is my Imacculate Ducati 1098s trackbike ... Genuine Km and still pretty much nearly brand new. Now converted to a massively impressive Ducati racebike. No expense has been spared in the maintenance and build of this bike to be the weapon that she is. She has 2 sets of new Fairings, 1...
  5. 1098s Tricolore Trackbike for sale - only 1100Km Geuine - Very special bike

    Up for sale is my Imacculate Ducati 1098s trackbike ... Genuine Km and still pretty much nearly brand new. Now converted to a massively impressive Ducati racebike. No expense has been spared in the maintenance and build of this bike to be the weapon that she is. She has 2 sets of new Fairings, 1...
  6. Ducati 1098/1098S/1098R?

    Hello! So obviously new to the Ducati family but just bought a 2007 Ducati 1098 used. It has race fairings and a lot of after market items on it so we are having a hard time figuring out if it is a 1098, 1098S or a 1098R. The man we bought it from was unsure and had no idea what he had as far as...
  7. 2008 1098s, 2500 miles, must sell - $11k OBO

    This is the one you want to buy. I love this bike, but must sell because we are relocating to Bend, Oregon. Perfect, like new condition Ducati 1098s with a host of Ducati Performance Parts, only 2500 miles. I am a 45 year old software entrepreneur - this is a "no stories" motorcycle...
  8. Please value this bike, im looking to buy

    Hi im a new member here and finally looking to purchase my first ducati either a 2007 1098 or a 1098s but wanted to ask your guys opinion since you guys will have a lot more experience than me. I found a 07 1098 with 8k miles -Full Termi Exhaust -Rear View Mirror Block Off Plates -Open Clutch...
  9. 08 Loaded 1098S

    Hello, up for sale is my 2008 Ducati 1098S Superbike. This bike is in excellent condition cosmetically, AND mechanically. It has 7,200 miles. No track days and no drops. It has approximately $15,000 in extras. I'm asking $9,200. I also have a bunch of spare plastics if interested. Below are a...
  10. 2007 1098s HID issues

    Hello, I installed a set of 55W 5000K kit to my 1098s for low and high beam. The low beam seems to be working fine, after I checked the high beam the fuse would blow. I check the fuse (15amps) and replace it a couple of times just to make sure that was the issue and it would blow every...
  11. 1098s Won't Start

    Hi all. I have a 2007 1098s and it will not start. Here is what has happened. It was starting OK but slow as most 1098s seem to do. One day it tried to turn over, failed and now will only click once when I press the start button. The battery is good. I had it checked and it gets between 12.4...
  12. WTB Slip on Exhaust for 1098s

    Looking for a slip on set for my 08 1098s Preferably zard or comp werkes but open to all systems. Let me know what you have and thanks for looking
  13. 2007 1098s Tricolore 2500 miles For Sale

    Pics and video here Ducati $14,400 Currently 2500 miles (2496 as of today). Stock Tri, garaged, perfect. I am notoriously fussy and I would have a hard time telling this bike from new. No dings, marks, never tracked, never down. Keys/Clear Title/Code Card key included. My wife correctly...
  14. Modified Ducati 1098S & 1199S Tricolores

    Ducati Discussion
    I enjoy the multi-bike nature of this forum :drummer:. As I am a relatively new to this forum I thought I would share some recent photos of my Tricolores. Both bikes contain many cross styles, including pretty much the entire Ducati Performance catalog, Rizoma, Pro-Bolt Titanum, Brembo...
  15. FS: Stock 1098s Parts

    For Sale/Wanted
    Gang - I have some bone stock 1098s parts that have less than 50 road miles. I'm entertaining reasonable offers on the following: Flat black lower fairing Exhaust - cans and pipes Seat ECM Passenger rearsets with pegs Rear sets (no heal guards) Clutch Slave Clutch Pressure Plate and cover...
  16. Better exhaust???

    If an underbody exhaust is so much better like on the new 1199. How come no one has made an uderbody for the 1198 or the 1098? Does anybody know of someone that has done this
  17. wtb: 2007 1098s passenger pegs

    For Sale/Wanted
    Looking for passenger pegs for a 2007 1098s, pm your offer. [CLOSED bought a pair from P K]
  18. WTB 1098s/1198s rear wheel

    For Sale/Wanted
    Looking for a forged rear wheel. Doesn't matter if there are some scratches. Will be repainted anyway.
  19. FS: 2008 1098S w/ EXTRAS!

    For Sale/Wanted
    FS: 2008 1098S w/ EXTRAS $12,500 Here is my bike. A 2008 1098S with 6k miles. I need to sell it quickly and I have it listed for $12,500...any/all offers considered. I've never tracked or raced this bike and it has never been down or rashed. It is in excellent shape and all the goodies are...
  20. WTB: 848 or 1098 near LOS ANGELES or OC in CA

    For Sale/Wanted
    My friend thrashed my bike so looking for a replacement. Ready to purchase now, with cash in hand. Prefer bikes in the general Greater LOS ANGELES area. I'm actually in BREA, CA. Please email [email protected] with all details. NO SALVAGE TITLES, Please... Thanks!!!