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  1. Black 1198SP 10500

    Hello! Asking $10,500 Located in Manchester, NH This is the 1198SP with the aluminum gas tank, factory slipper clutch, DQS(Ducati quickshifter), and Ohlins suspension. I've owned this motorcycle for a couple years and I just don't ride it enough. Its got a few carbon parts including the...
  2. 1198 s corse aluminum tank

    Comes with fuel pump ready to go. Located in California. Has light scratches from a zipper. I can send more pictures. 2200 obo if you’re serious text me 562 981 4657.
  3. Sargent Seat for 848, 1098, 1198

    SOLD Thanks!
  4. ducati 848 evo termi's. power commander, quick shifter

    For sale as a package deal only power commander, fuel optimizer, quick shifter module and sensor, termis carbon fiber cans, both caps scratched, and one can is dented from the strap which dose not effect performance, ducati performance race computer. All parts were dyno tuned on a 2011 848 evo...
  5. '09 1198 won't crank on the ignition push

    I'll give you the full story in case it helps. A couple weeks ago I was riding home and the headlights and instrument panel went dark on me. Two minutes later the engine decided to quit too. Legs on fire and covered in sweat, I managed to push it home safely. After digging around the forum, I...
  6. Oil Cooler line leak results in crash!!!

    Looking for others that ride the Ducati 1198S or other super bikes that have dealt with leaking oil cooler lines. As you can imagine Ducati is refuting that I had an accident due to the oil leak and refuse to honor their warranty, even though the bike was brand new and under warranty. Any...
  7. New Carbon Fiber hugger - 848/1098/1198

    Carbon Fiber Rear Hugger by FullSix This hugger is new. Has never been installed. Purchased for 848 EVO - should fit all 848/1098/1198 Part # MD-9807-C13 - Vacuum infused & polished carbon - Designed to fit aftermarket exhausts such as Termigoni / Akrapovic with larger exhaust pipes -...
  8. Starts ... then doesn't ... then does ... then not ...

    Hi. New to the forum but not to Ducati (on my fourth) nor to riding (40+ years). My issue: 2009 1198, starts and runs great (even with 29,000 kms). It has a new voltage regulator. Usually it starts without issue and, like I mentioned, runs great. But last week, I rode it to the grocery store...
  9. 1098 / 1198 Parts

    Hi - I have a RED 1098 that I bought at an auction. It went down on the left, and was totalled out. Here's a list of parts I'll need. * Windscreen * Headlight Fairing (RED) * Upper Fairing Stay (support structure that holds windscreen to upper fair, and secures the turn signals/mirrors) *...
  10. 2009 Ducati 1198 base engine 25k mi *not working*

    So I purchased a new motor and everything's all fine and dandy now. But I'm sitting on this old motor. All I can tell you is that I believe it is a broken push rod. Engine has 25k miles on it and before giving out on me it never gave me a problem. Could be a relatively inexpensive fix could be...
  11. 2009 Ducati 1198 - Upstate SC

    This bike is located in Upstate SC. 2009 Ducati 1198. Only 6,300 original miles. Always kept in the Southeast. This is a beautiful bike that is sure to turn heads from any angle. My 1198 has been kept in the house and taken care of meticulously. The bike drives and rides like it is brand new...
  12. Marchesini Forged 10-Spoke Rear Rim

    Enkei 10-Spoke Rear Rim Ducati 1198, 1098, 848 This is a Enkei Rear Rim taken off of my 2009 Ducati 1198 with 6,200 miles. It may fit other makes and models but consult your Ducati dealership before purchase. The rim has a few nicks but is in good condition. It is 100% straight and only...
  13. Front wheel has been "repaired"...blehck! Need advice

    Ducati Discussion
    Purchased an 1198 a few weeks ago via Ebay, trucked it all the way to FL for some winter riding(I'm from the Windy City), just discovered that the front rim has been repaired. Hard to tell what original damage might have been, but it looks as if it may have been bondo'ed...! Already replaced...
  14. WTB: Left-mid fairing for red 848 or 1098

    WTB: stands, ohlins steering damper and right-lower fairings for 848 Looking for the following parts 1. Ohlins steering damper 2. Front and rear stands for 848 3. Red right lower fairing for 848/1098
  15. Gas tank decal removal

    Anyone every pulled the decal off the gas tank. From first glance it looks to be underneath a clear coat. I have a 1198 but thats irrelevant but wondering about the tank. Thanks
  16. DIY Frame removal 1198

    Getting my new 2010 1198 next week and want to immediately get the frame powder coated red, I'm a good mechanic but have never worked on or owned a Duc, is it reasonable to tackle this task of removing the frame in my garage or take it to a shop and pay 1200+? Thanks
  17. Looking for an exhaust for my new 1198

    Hey guys. Picked up an 1198 two weeks ago bone stock, looking for an exhaust at a reasonable price here. Thanks
  18. 1098 vs 1198

    Hey there guys. I'm getting ready to purchase either an 08 1098 or an 09 1198. I've been riding ducatis for 7 years, kind of adopted my dads after he went through a rough accident. However he just got a new diavel now I'm going to purchase either or of these. Both have around 2k miles...bone...
  19. 1198 / 1098 saddle bags

    Hi all, Used once, before I sold the bike, but a virtually brand new set of panniers / saddlebags for the 1098 / 1198. these fasten over the rear seat, and have a locking mechanism that bolts onto wear the pillion footpegs are connected. The footpegs can either be left on or be taken off...
  20. 1198 Smoking on startup with a whirring noise..

    Gents, Without further adieu and many hours of reading all the posts on this forum, which have helped immensely... I have one that I have not seen... First of all... The 1198 sometimes... smokes/steams on startup from the area right below the ignition, I like to drive this as a daily driver and...