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  1. Black 1198SP 10500

    Hello! Asking $10,500 Located in Manchester, NH This is the 1198SP with the aluminum gas tank, factory slipper clutch, DQS(Ducati quickshifter), and Ohlins suspension. I've owned this motorcycle for a couple years and I just don't ride it enough. Its got a few carbon parts including the...
  2. Selling my 2011 1198 SP

    I'm selling my Ducati! I love this bike - every time I ride it I'm reminded why I love motorcycles. I'll probably never own anything faster, or happier for me to push it hard. The 1198 SP is the last of the great grunty Ducatis, before the new generation: Proud, loud, rash, brusk. It is a...
  3. 1098R 1198R 1198SP Slipper Clutch Help!

    Hello, I purchased an EVR basket and plates for my 1198sp (13k Miles). This is the first time I have worked on a clutch. I removed the pressure plate, nut, spring, drum, but the "flange" (as Ducati calls it) will not come off. Is it threaded? Or should I just be able to pull it off? If I...
  4. Ducati 1198sp Clutch Plate Dilemma – Need Help

    I own a 2011 Ducati 1198sp and need a new set of clutch plates. However, this is one of or is the only stock slipper clutch that Ducati produced. When researching the OEM parts, the non-SP and SP version are different. Uggg… Does this mean I am stuck with having to buy expensive OEM? Take a...
  5. 1198 SP Fairing Set

    For Sale/Wanted
    Fairings off of my 2011 1198 SP. $1500 + Actual Shipping Shipping Light scratches on the left upper from my knee puck. No broken tabs or other issues. Already priced low, price is firm. Shipping will be roughly 60-100 bucks depending on where you are. I expect the fairings to be paid for...