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  1. 1199 Panigale
    Looking for the following: 1199 Rider Comfort Seat (part no. 96797110B) 1199 Passenger Comfort Seat (part no. 96797210B) If you are looking to part with these please get in touch.
  2. 1199 Panigale
    Hi! I'm facing a random issue where the bike will suddenly throw the ENGINE light, melcodiag says is "P0221 Horizontal cylinder throttle position error [TPS 2 - Difference between track 1 and track 2]. " lately got worst since it will happen minutes or seconds after firing it up. Panigale Tps...
  3. 959 Panigale
    Hi there! Hope all is well! I'm wondering whether WSBK Termignoni exhaust fits 959 Panigale as I know that many exhausts are interchangeable among 1299, 1199, 899 and 959. Thank you!
  4. Parts
    Hello! I have a brand spanking new Panigale headlight that I bought by mistake. Asking $750, which is $250 less than you'll find it online! The part number is 52010331B. It will fit the following models: Ducati Panigale 959 2016 Ducati Panigale 1199 R 2015 Ducati Panigale 1199 R 2016 Ducati...
  5. 1199 Panigale
    Hi guys, new to this forum. I have just picked up an 1199 as an upgrade from an 848. The 848/1098/1198 exhausts could be cored quite easily though i never bothered because the slip on's were affordable. I wanted to throw up a post about coring the 1199 stock cans, as i was looking for some...
  6. 1299 Panigale
    Feed back please ...:blah: Specially with our bikes that have (if you still have them installed) the "best rear side mirrors".:ahhh: Thoughts & comments much appreciated ! :popcorn: P.S> Still waiting for my order to arrive :confused::mad::confused:
  7. Parts
    For Sale: Full Set of fairings in mint condition from my 2014 1199R. SOLD OEM Carbon Fiber Rear Tire Hugger - sold
  8. 1199 Panigale
    Hey guys. Recently put the Panigale through a "light" low side slide on its left side. I cried, I fixed the plastic, all is better now, sorta... It feels like the turn to the left ever since has been a little soft. Feels different from my other bikes. (R6 and an Aprilia RSV1000). Wondering if my...
  9. Ducati Discussion
    Hey im thinking about buying a 1299 Panigale but i dont know if i should go with the 1299 S or with the standar 1299, i dont usually drive in the circuit but i think is nice to have the best one, what do you guys think, do i should spend that extra plus to buy the S or just go with the 1299...
  10. Parts
    = = 1199 R parts - Garage Sale! all in Perfect Condition By the way guys. I will ONLY ship to Confirmed PayPal addresses. No exceptions. Thanks! Bike is track-exclusive so all the parts off the bike and those I've purchased :( is up for sale. This isn't all of it but most of it. I will...
  11. Wanted
    WTB: DDA Dongle (RED USB) for 1199R I lost my Red USB Dongle for my DDA on an 1199R after a trackday. I need the RED DONGLE only. Please text me @ 714.905.976seven Thanks!
  12. Bikes
    selling my 2013 Panigale 1199 Ducati Panigale 1199 | sport bikes | Winnipeg | Kijiji call or email with any offers or questions bike is located in Winnipeg, MB
  13. Parts
    had my 2013 1199 panigale gas tank repaired (bought bike as a salvage) the tank is now repaired and is ready for paint Tank is located in Winnipeg, MB, Canada $1000 obo shipped
  14. Technical
    I needed some decent electrical diagrams for my Ducati 1198 but all I could find was the not very useful black and white diagrams by Ducati; so I drew my own and posted them in forums for others to have access to. I am now working on a number of other models and these color electrical diagrams...
  15. Ducati Discussion
    To all the tall riders out there... I am 6'4" (193cm) tall and currently ride a 2010 848. I look like a giant on it but it is actually comfortable to ride for someone my height. I am however thinking of upgrading to the 1199S and am wondering if there are any tall riders out there who have made...
  16. Media
    from Ducati 1199 TERRACORSA - DaiDeGas Forum
  17. Miscellaneous Classifieds
    I have a cycle gear helmet credit for 713.93 I'll let it go for 600 thats 113 free dollars let me know good at any cycle gear store
  18. 1199 Panigale
    Like everyone, I hated the size of the Turn Signal/License Plate Holder. It Stuck out way too far. So instead of droping $200 on whats avalible right now. I just chopped at the one that came with the bike... I think the results are pretty decent... Took about 6 hours to get everything the way...
  19. 1199 Panigale
    Here's a video from a track day we did recently. Looking for other videos out there as well so post yours also
1-20 of 22 Results