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  1. 999/749
    The fuel pump primes but the bike will not start The dash displays codes 11.2 [vertical coil short to earth] and 37.0 [immobilizer transponder] So I changed the Vertical cylinder coil, but the codes still persist. The plug holes have no condensation or corrosion Anyone has an idea of what is...
  2. 999/749
    Owned 749, 2006y my mistake is that I bought a crankshaft (used) without checking. So I have two different crankshaft for 749))) Now, have a question if replaced them, will there a bad idea? on the picture crankshaft left - I bought, right is old
  3. 999/749
    Hi, does any have or can point me to the right place to purchase a front brake reservoir and clutch reservoir.
  4. 999/749
    Hey guys, hopefully I'm posting this in the right place. I have a 2004 749. I was riding yesterday and my dash went funky (that is honestly the most technical way to describe it). I have attached a photo. Any ideas on how to fix it or what caused it?? Thanks!
  5. 999/749
    I have a 749s 2003 bike. When I go from neutral to 1, it jumps and dies like i do not have the clutch pulled in even when I do. Looks like the plates are moving in and out but jumps forward and dies everytime. When I try and shift directly to 2, it grinds. Any suggestions are much appreciated.
  6. Parts
    Hi guys, I have some brand new CNC Underslung rear brake bracket for Ducati 749 and 999 Produced in Italy. Let me know if interested in. Price is 100€ + shipping
  7. Bikes
    2005 Ducati 749 Dark for Sale. The bike is located in Fort Lee, NJ with title in hand. The bike is a rare and hard to find black matte finish. Bike is in great condition and has 7500 miles. It had the 6000 service done by a Ducati dealer. The bike has an open clutch cover, tinted windsiheld...
  8. Canada
    My 2006 749 (with 32,500km) died rather suddenly - the voltage regulator was oscillating between 10.8 and 12.8 vdc for a few minutes as I idled through the neighbourhood. My battery was weak but the bike started without issue. Then the engine just shut down like a switch had been thrown. Now...
  9. Technical
    Hello, I have a question and would appreciate it someone could help me out. I have an 03 749 and the check engine light comes one when i have it on, but it goes off as soon as i put it on gear and start riding. What is wrong or is it ok? THanks.
  10. For Sale/Wanted
    San Diego Area Selling my 2003 749s Bip that I laid down last year. There is no more title for it since it's not registered. I turned in the title to the DMV after the accident and received a full payment from my insurance company but can be re-titled with a simple inspection/trip. This was...
  11. 999/749
    What gearing are you guys running on those 749? I love my mid-range but haven't found that magical recipe just yet. Any suggestions?
  12. 999/749
    Hey all, I will soon pick up my very first Ducati, a sexy red 749, and I had a question about belts and the need to replace them ASAP. The bike only has 2k miles and although the true replacement is not until a few thousand miles more would it be worth pushing up the regular servicing...
  13. Miscellaneous Classifieds
    looking for a used slip on for an 05 749D biposto. don't really want to drop 1k+ for a full system. not looking to spend more than $600 bucks. pm here or email [email protected]
  14. For Sale/Wanted
    For sale this 749/999 Monoposto Tail Fairing not sure what its worth but I know I paid over $300. Tabs in place no cracks or scratches, pretty nice overall. Send me your best offers and I'll sell to the best one. Payment through secured paypal. I will inquire about shipping fees to your...
  15. 999/749
    Hi there! I picked up my first Ducati 2 weeks ago - a 749 Dark Monoposto - and I am loving every minute of it!! Its a fantastic bike that both looks and rides great! But, I may have a few issues... Firstly what looks like a coolant leak - not a huge amount, but only noticed it when I removed...
  16. For Sale/Wanted
    I had a 749s with 'smashed' dash which prevented it from starting. I ordered this dash from Ebay... but I got 'code' error because it was not virgin apparently.. So i plugged in the old dash - and it worked :) Took case from this one. This is still a "new" dash, minus the case (back half of...
  17. Technical
    Greetings everyone…I have a 2005 749 with 15K+ miles on it. I pulled it out of the garage for my first ride this year. It started right up, warmed it up and began riding. 15 mins into the ride doing about 60 + miles/hr on the highway, the engine cutoff. I pulled over into the shoulder and...
  18. For Sale/Wanted
    Looking for: (PENDING)Rear Seat (PENDING)Passenger Pegs (PENDINGYellow/Black rear fairings (PENDING)Seat Latch/Lock CF Midpipe Heatshield Also: Right Mid Fairing Yellow 749s (FOUND)Cush Drive Sprocket Carrier. Mine's shredded :-( For a 749s (Biposto soon)
1-18 of 20 Results