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  1. 999/749
    Hi all, went to do the first oil change on my bike and found this hunk of metal in the oil. Bad bad news. Bike shop says don’t ride it, and get it trailered over to them to look at. anyone know what this is from? I’m guessing this is semi terminal... Many thanks in advance! tim
  2. Parts
    Looking for a good used set of quality clip-ons to get the bars a little higher, or with less angle that the stock ones.
  3. 999/749
    Hi All, I just picked up a Termignoni Slip on from a bike that was wrecked ridiculously cheap, and have put it onto my 2004 749 without changing the Mid/Link pipe over as the one from the bike I got it from was bent. So it is running one Cat on the front cylinder. I have ridden it for about...
  4. 999/749
    Hey guys! I have a problem with my 749s. The backlight of the gauge isn't working. It's like the light is out. No problem during the day because I can see the speedo clearly, but at night I can't see the analog. I used it last night and it flickered. It seemed like the light was gonna go on for...
1-4 of 4 Results