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  1. Pazzo levers, red on black

    Regular clutch and a shorty brake side levers. No damage or any signs of wear. Fitted on a 998S Final Edition but the full fitment guide can be seen in one photo. $100 --- SOLD ---
  2. Help on parts!!

    I just bought a 2000 750 Supersport and am EXCITED to get this bad boy running. I need help finding a couple parts as I knew searching for parts could be more difficult. I'm looking for a countershaft bearing and seal, and front right brake caliper assembly. It's in great condition, 16k miles on...
  3. My first ducati!!! 2001 750 Sport

    Hello everyone, I just bought a matte black half fairing 750 sport. The bike is 15 years old but the motor only has 4,000 miles on it. This is my second motorcycle. I look forward to joining the community!!! Some pictures to come soon.
  4. Ducati Monster 750 1997 for sale

    I've decided to sell my 750 97 Monster. I've had it for about 3 years and had a lot of fun on it but i'm more into streetbikes and track days now so i guess i'll have to move on. I have never had this Monster on the track and it has no crashes on it. I have another bike! It has currently...
  5. 2002 Supersport / SS 750

    I have a 2002 Supersport 750 IE that won't start. It started up once like let it run for 10 minutes to let everything cycle after sitting all winter. I tried to start it the next day but it wouldn't start. Using the cold start lever, it would sound like it was trying to turn over but it just...