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  1. Parts
    I have a set of mid and lower fairing and most of the mounting hardware for a 2001 750ss(fits other models and years. I think there is a 1000ss.) These are flat black with no decals. They have been repaired and painted. I was going to make my bike full fairing, but traded it in before that...
  2. Technical
    Hi, I live in Portugal and i'm new here, also new with Ducati! I bought recently a 750 supersport (V200AA engine), year 2000, with 29 000km (hope so!) and as I'm doing the 3000km revision, I would appreciate the opinion of people that are experienced this 2v engines! One of the 1st checks...
  3. Parts
    Looking for very deep exhaust tone. Anybody out there got some used Ducati Performance, Contis or Viper cans you want to part with? Thanks guys. - Keith
  4. Supersport
    Howdy. Trying to source slip on exhaust for 2000 750ss. I understand that there was some crossover between Monster parts and the 900ss for that year but my local mechanics look at me like I'm nuts when I ask. And, ideally, I'd like to find a set of used Ducati Performance carbons that fit the...
  5. Supersport
    I have a 2002 Supersport 750 IE that won't start. It started up once like let it run for 10 minutes to let everything cycle after sitting all winter. I tried to start it the next day but it wouldn't start. Using the cold start lever, it would sound like it was trying to turn over but it just...
  6. Technical
    As the proud new owner of a very mistreated 2002 750ss I immediately purchased the Hynes Ducati 91-05 Manual. It covers a lot of bikes and a lot of years so its by necessity very vague. So I called Ducati to order a service/workshop manual hoping to get something with more depth and was...
1-6 of 6 Results