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  1. Ducati Monster 821
    Good afternoon, Long story short I seem to be having a problem with my clutch. Recently as I was riding leaving the auto parts store, my clutch nipple snapped. Had to find down hills to kick it into first gear so I could move. Once moving, I was able to quick shift into any gear without any...
  2. Parts
    Selling a Like New PUIG Windscreen for Monster 797, 821, 1200. See pic from Revzilla for fitment $100 shipped in US
    $100 USD
  3. For Sale/Wanted
    Selling a Like New PUIG Windscreen for Monster 797, 821, 1200. See pic from Revzilla for fitment $100 shipped in US
    $100 USD
  4. Ducati Monster 821
    Hi guys, I just bought my first bike (Monster 821 Stripe) and found a good deal on Termigoni slip-on. The product code on the slip-ons is 96410431A (96410441A). It also says 'For Race use only'. 1. Does this mean that I own the 'older version' of the Termignoni exhausts for your Ducati Monster...
  5. Ducati Monster 821
    I have a 2020 Ducati Monster 821. I'd really like to get the stealth style windscreen on my bike but I can't find a list of OEM parts to buy that would match the color of my bike or an aftermarket option that is close. Any suggestions?
  6. Parts
    Ducati windshield kit $90 Carbon-fiber screen $60 Updated list and prices
  7. Ducati Monster 821
    Hello everyone, I would like to choose an exhaust for my Monster, but I could find only some alternatives. Please help me to decide: Termignoni Slip-on - 1100€ SC-Project Twin GP70-R or Twin CR-T - 1040€ SC-Project SCR1 - 740€ Arrow - 710€ As you can see everything is quite expensive because...
  8. Ducati Monster 821
    Hi all, I've had about 75 miles riding with my newly installed slip on so thought I'd give you guys my impressions of it. Fitting: Really easy to install - instructions are given and there are a few install videos on Youtube. Took about 10 mins. Quality: It looks great and matches the bike...
  9. Ducati Monster 821
    Our rainy season is about to hit and I am a little worried about riding my 821 in the rain. Should I be concerned about the electronics if I get caught in a downpour? Anything specific to Ducs I should be worried about? Thanks!
  10. Ducati Monster 821
    Hi, would that works with Monster 821? New 5000M Two Way Motorcycle Alarm with Remote Start Spy LM211 | eBay thanks
  11. Ducati Monster 821
    Hi, I just sold my Ninja 300SE it was my first bike, I did 32000km on it, had it from new, not bad bike for a 300cc. I ordered 821 and picking it 3 feb. cant wait :) It will be so diffeent then little ninja i guess. Anyway, I know you can lower seat, I will get that done, but is it lowering...
  12. Ducati Monster 821
    Im looking to purchase aftermarket carbon wheels for my M821 but cant seem to find any on the net that would fit the bike. Anyone know if BST or Rotobox has for the 821?
  13. Bikes
    I am the first owner of this wonderful motorcycle, and it was primarily used to ride to and from work on days when the weather was nice. I also took it on a few weekend rides around the hill-country with local riding groups. It's a blast to ride and is far more practical around town than most...
  14. Ducati Monster 821
    Just trying to see how much people ride their monster, I purchased my bike in April and I've put 5,000 miles on it. :dance:
  15. Ducati Monster 821
    I just bought my first Ducati, its a beautiful Monster 821. I test drove the 821 and the 1200, though I chose the 821 because the sound from the exhaust sounds so much nicer than the 1200 (both stock, of course). Everyone is telling me to buy the slip-on Termignoni exhaust. I really want to...
  16. Ducati Monster 821
    Took the plunge last weekend and bought the Monster 821 for an amazing OTD price. I test rode the 1200 and the 821, I loved the nimbleness on the 821 much better... to be practical the only reason I didn't buy the 1200 was because lets face it " bragging rights" lol I'm happy with the 821's...
1-16 of 16 Results