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  1. Technical
    Hey everyone, so a few days ago, I was riding home, and I noticed a wire was hanging down by my wheel and the cap was ripped off. The following day I was riding to work early in the morning (still dark out) and I noticed I didn’t have lowbeams. My highbeams haven’t been working for a while...
  2. Technical
    Hey guys, so I’ve been having an issue with this for a while now. My bike won’t stay on when idling. I have no idea where to start with this. I’ve been having to hold the throttle a little bit open to keep it from idling. does anyone have any insight on how to fix this?
  3. Ducati Discussion
    So, I just got a 2013 848 Evo and my handlebar just snapped. I’m looking at Vortex clip ons, but I have no clue what size I need. can anyone help me?
  4. 848
    I have a 2011 Ducati 848 I just got. Previous owner said it had been sitting for awhile. Just got fluids all done and spark plugs. In the morning bike is great. Im the afternoon when it gets a little hotter out I will give it some throttle and it doesn’t move and will die. As I’m cruising down...
  5. 848
    Hey guys, so Im absolutely frustrated... Im replacing the tail section on my 848 and trying to move the key hole to the new tail. Ive disassembled everything on the tail except the key part. I cant get that black plastic ring off (the one with the 4 notches) , I probably don't have the right...
  6. 848
    Hi guys, new to the forum so apologies if this has been asked before. But I was wondering if any knew whether for Ducati diavel wheel would fit on the 848 eco without too much modification? Or at least something that can be done at home?
  7. 848
    So I bought a 2009 Ducati 848 out of an auction with a missing dash/speedometer I bought a new one that came off of an evo. It also came with the ecu, ignition, and the ring that comes around the ignition. The bike still won’t turn over. Do I have to get the ecu flashed to the bike?
  8. 848
    Hi dear all, I have broken dashboard but all the components are working, I wonder maybe someone has the dashboard that doesn’t work, I just need the box to replace my broken one, please help…
  9. Ducati Discussion
    Dear all, I am about to buy my first sport bike and I would love to have an advice from some experienced people as you are, in these forum. I have been intensively driving off-roads between my 13 (!) and 18 years old, mainly 50-75-125cc's. For 25years no bikes (lot's of sport cars-)) Now 25...
  10. Technical
    The idea of this post is to list all the common faults with these models. Note that I don't plan to include mechanic errors - if you can't bleed your rear brakes, or have issues after you replace your levers, you should read the manual or seek some hands on help. Remember that torque settings on...
  11. Parts
    Hi Guys; i m looking for Ducati 848 Evo Corse Se original right mirror. condition can be Brand New or used. doesnt matter. if you have please contact to me. mail : [email protected]
  12. Parts
    I have two OEM upper Left Hand Fairing of a 848. Both have light scratches from low speed low sides. All of the mounting holes are in perfect shape, and there are no cracks in the fairings. $120 each
  13. Wanted
    Looking for a pearl white right side upper fairing with no rash. Thaks, Showers
  14. Parts
    I am looking for both passenger footpegs Preferably from EU, but other locations are welcome.
  15. Parts
    Selling my Fabbri light smoke double bubble windshield. I replaced it with a cheap Zero Gravity Corsa knockoff to try out. The Fabbri is in good condition with no cracks and only light scratches from normal wear(can be seen in photos) after 10k miles. No broken/cracked tabs. $75 shipped in...
1-15 of 15 Results