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  1. Technical
    Hello, I'm looking for the file for the 848 evo SE, with quick shift and traction control, for the full termignoni 70mm. Someone have this file?
  2. 848
    Hi all, urgent clarification needed: My 848 instrument cluster is badly damaged, I saw a post on ebay which includes instrument cluster, ecu, tank cap, key and code card. My question is : My 848 is european version and the ebay items are from US version 848, will it be compatible? Thanks in...
  3. 848
    Hello Everyone! New member here about to buy her first Duc. My last bike was a 2006 R1 LE but I totaled it (not my fault). So I've been looking around at the 848s, which I love, and I found what seems to be a great deal in my neck of the woods. I'd appreciate some opinions. The bike has tons...
  4. For Sale/Wanted
    Up for sale a like new NEMESIS Race ECU. Included is all original software and cables. Comes with bracket for 1098 / 848 as well as USB / Serial Adapter. Loaded with 1098 configuration and 2 maps. Base maps for XX9, 848 and 1098 also included. On bike less than 300 miles, like new...
1-4 of 4 Results