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848 ecu

  1. US version ecu on European bike

    Hi all, urgent clarification needed: My 848 instrument cluster is badly damaged, I saw a post on ebay which includes instrument cluster, ecu, tank cap, key and code card. My question is : My 848 is european version and the ebay items are from US version 848, will it be compatible? Thanks in...
  2. NEED OPINIONS -- Should I buy this??

    Hello Everyone! New member here about to buy her first Duc. My last bike was a 2006 R1 LE but I totaled it (not my fault). So I've been looking around at the 848s, which I love, and I found what seems to be a great deal in my neck of the woods. I'd appreciate some opinions. The bike has tons...

    For Sale/Wanted
    Up for sale a like new NEMESIS Race ECU. Included is all original software and cables. Comes with bracket for 1098 / 848 as well as USB / Serial Adapter. Loaded with 1098 configuration and 2 maps. Base maps for XX9, 848 and 1098 also included. On bike less than 300 miles, like new...