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848 evo

  1. Sitting 848 rough running

    Recently bought a 2012 848 with only 1400 miles, bike has been sitting in garage for 2 years so I’m told. When I first bought the bike two days ago the motorcycle wouldn’t hold and idle obviously bad fuel from sitting. Pulled the tank drained old fuel, Cleaned up fuel pump and replaced filter...
  2. 2012 848 Evo Parts Bike, Price Reduced!

    Price Reduced! Hi to all Ducati lovers... I must part out my bike, or sell it whole... I made several price reductions... Please reread if you have already seen this post. And I am open to all offers.... Its a 2012 white & red 848 EVO with roughly 7400 miles. It was in mint condition... I...
  3. WTB : 848 EVO Nose Fairing & Upper Stay Bracket

    Looking for a red nose fairing (black lettering but ok with silver) and an upper stay bracket for the headlight. It's for a 2011 848 EVO but any compatible parts should work PM Please
  4. 848 Clutch Mods

    Hey, I was after some advice/info regarding the clutch on my 848 evo. I just bought the bike and will have it home next week...so doing the typical 'what can I do to it' googling! I have an M900 monster fitted with an open slipper clutch which performs great and looks badass and was thinking...
  5. Questions from a new guy

    Hello Everyone, This is my dream motorcycle, and am just learning how to ride. So I know I'm not ready yet, but wanted to ask you experienced riders a few questions. 1, How long did you ride for before you got on a Ducati superbike? 2, What is a good stepping stone bike, or a few, before...
  6. Engine died while riding, now it won't start

    So... Everything has been running smoothly. All of the sudden I got a check engine light, there were no obvious changes in the way the bike was handling or accelerating. A continued to ride for a few miles, trying to think of what it could be, when suddenly I got a low fuel light as well and...
  7. 2008 848 with a 2011 848EVO Engine, Milage question

    I have a 2008 848 that had an engine swap with a 2011 848 EVO engine before I bought the bike. I have the ebay listing for the 848 evo engine that I got from the guy that I bought the bike from. My dash odometer tells me the bike has 28,000 miles approximately. That has to be from the old...
  8. Buying a used 2011 Ducati help!

    So I'm looking to buy a 2011 Ducati 848 evo, but it has a rebuilt title. I've contacted the guy selling it and says that it was deemed totaled by the insurance company after having the fairing bracket ear break, but he bought it and fixed it up. He's asking for $7500. Is there anything else I...
  9. 848 Evo - Rear brake light not working (front brake and running lights OK)

    Hi All, This is probably a dumb maintenance query but worth an ask before paying money to be looked at funny / failing my upcoming MOT. My 2011 848 Evo is stock apart from Termi slipons. The rear brake doesn't seem to light up the brake light. It used to (I regularly check) and the running...
  10. HM Quickshifter 848 EVO

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has experiance with the HM Quickshifter Lever, I would like to fit it on a 848 EVO since the original Performance lever is not available anymore... http://www.hmracing.co.uk/shop/4-hm-quickshifter-lever/ Thanks in advance :dance:
  11. Will this shock fit my bike - Ohlins TTX DU714

    Just wondering if this is a direct swap onto the Ducati 848 Evo 2013, i've read conflicting ideas, one saying it will fit, the other saying it will only fit 1198 because of a different "race" linkage. Any one have a definitive answer? Many Thanks!!
  12. US version ecu on European bike

    Hi all, urgent clarification needed: My 848 instrument cluster is badly damaged, I saw a post on ebay which includes instrument cluster, ecu, tank cap, key and code card. My question is : My 848 is european version and the ebay items are from US version 848, will it be compatible? Thanks in...
  13. Ducati 848 won't start

    Hey all! Hope to get some help with troubleshooting my 2011 ducati 848 evo. Problem is, it will not start. Bike turns over but no start..dont hear the fuel pump priming either. Here is what i've done so far to try to rule out the problem: 1)Checked all the fuses (all fine) 2) Checked relays...
  14. Levers for 848 EVO

    I'm thinking about replacing the stock levers on my 848 EVO and came across these 2 sets of levers for 848 EVO and was wondering if anyone had any experience with these: 1) POWTEC PT-045 Adjustable short Brake and Clutch Levers for DUCATI 848 /EVO-Black POWTEC PT-045 Adjustable short Brake...
  15. 848 Evo (Dark) Fairings

    For Sale/Wanted
    All, Long time lurker but this is my first post...I have gotten a lot of valuable info from the board. Thanks to all! Anyway, I laid my baby down during my last track day unfortunately. Rather than repair the original fairings, I am going to get a set of track fairings (should have done that...
  16. 848 vs 848 evo

    Hey guys i am new to the forum thinking about investing in a new bike and was wondering if there really is much difference between the 848 and 848 evo I've read the tech spec but does that justify the price difference
  17. 848 as SECOND bike

    Hey all New to the site and I'm gonna throw on my flameproof suit and ask a ridiculously common question with a bit of a twist. I'm seriously considering purchasing an 848 EVO as my SECOND bike. I started out last year on a ninja 250, had a blast on it, learned proper clutch, brake and...
  18. FS: Full Termi ECU for 848 EVO

    For Sale/Wanted
    This ECU has never been used and is for an 848 EVO full termi system...make me an offer