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  1. 848
    As I was testing if the module of the Annitori quickshifter's power(red) wire is wired correctly, i started the engine. The engine runs rough most probably misfiring and engine light comes on while the module isn't turned on because I think I spliced it to the wrong wire. (I was gonna use the...
  2. Bikes
    2012 Ducati 848 ~1,400 miles Recently Serviced w/ Brake and Clutch Flush 99% Stock w/ only Windscreen Battery Tender Installed Mint Condition! Basically, looks brand new! Location: Southeastern Indiana $9,200 Email me for a faster response and more pictures. Email: [email protected]
  3. 848
    just bought a 11' 848evo dark need advise on double bubble windscreen sliders , rearsets as fixed peg slider thx
  4. Australia
    Hi all, After "riding" on a Vespa, I've decided it was time to upgrade to a real bike. I've rented a 250 ninja 2 weeks ago and had great fun. Now, I've always been attracted by the design of the Ducati which are clearly the most sexiest bikes in the worlds. I'm looking at renting the 848 evo...
1-4 of 4 Results