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  1. 1995 900 SS Value

    Hi, new to this forum, looking forward to hearing what you guys think about my recently acquired 1995 Ducati Supersport 900 and what it's value may be. My father recently passed away back in November 2018, as I was going through his things, I found this motorcycle stored in a van in his...
  2. Complete (and completely disassembled) 1995 900 SS/CR

    I have a 1995 Ducati 900ss/cr, complete with Staintune equal-length header and stainless cans, for sale. It was a project bike that was completely disassembled due broken engine cases. I have brand-new cases from Ducati included with the bike. Clean title, located in Southern California. I...
  3. Ducati 900ss what to do?

    Ducati Discussion
    Hey guys, New to the forum and loooking forward to some good information and experiences, I have been riding bikes since i was tall enough to sit on a mini moto haha them things are fun and i must have been 12 at the time it was really fast, after that i got a small Stomp 110cc and loved it...
  4. Rev counter all over the place...what's going on?

    Sometimes the rev counter on my SS 900 Supersport goes ballistic, the needle jumping around with motor running absolutely smoothly. This lasts only for a short period before settling down again. I had this same problem back when I had big electrical problems and running the battery flat a few...
  5. 1996 900ss fouls rear sprk plug

    1996 900ss - 37,000kms genuine. Recently started fouling the rear only spark plug. Can get only 50 to 100kms before require cleaning, fuel consumption up 15%. runs well until plug fouls, starts easily. Actions carried out. new ignition leads and coils new plugs Carb bowls removed and cleaned -...
  6. Exhaust compatibility 2000 750ss

    Howdy. Trying to source slip on exhaust for 2000 750ss. I understand that there was some crossover between Monster parts and the 900ss for that year but my local mechanics look at me like I'm nuts when I ask. And, ideally, I'd like to find a set of used Ducati Performance carbons that fit the...
  7. Ignition problems on my 96' 900ss

    Hey guys, I'm relatively new as a Ducati owner which I am beginning to understand is both heaven and hell. Went by the garage last week to start my bike, when pressing the starterbutton I thought the starterengine sounded kinda' tired. The engine turned for a couple of revs but came to a...
  8. Nearly New Owner...!

    Hello! I've been lurking for a bit and am finally committing... I'll be snagging a '96 900SS within the next few weeks and cannot express my excitement enough! I'll be harassing you guys pretty frequently - I am completely new to the Ducati scene and have never taken apart a bike, although I...
  9. What Spools-What Sliders-What Maintenance stand?

    Just bought a 2001 900 ss Nuda. What spools or sliders should I get for a maintenance stand? It doesn't look as if there is a stand that will safely facilitate removing the rear wheel when the time comes.