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  1. 2001 996S

    2001 996S

  2. 2001 996S

    2001 996S

  3. Looking to buy 996s!

    Hi there, I've been looking around for a Duc 996S spec here: Ducati 996S I'd like one with low mileage too. I've been looking around and I can only find the SPS or the R along with a bunch of standard 996's. Does anybody know of anywhere I could get hold of one? I've found one real example so...
  4. Over revving 996S

    Hi guys, my 2000 model seems to want to sit at 5000RPM when she gets hot. So far I've stripped her down to the throttle bodies to search for a crack or gap that may be the cause! Any advice in this arena would be most appreciated. I figure someone out there has encountered something similar?:blind:
  5. Swapping my 996 sps onto 916 frame

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I am a first time owner of a Ducati 996 sps that has a compression crack in one of the welds on the chassis. It has never been dropped or in any accidents as I personally know the person who had previously owned it. It has 3000 miles on it and I have...
  6. 2001 Ducati 996S - 6600 miles

    For Sale/Wanted
    F/S 2001 Ducati 996S - 6600 miles 2001 Ducati 996S - 6600 miles - all records from purchase (original bill of sale was $21,995), 2 owners (bike has been in Colorado all it's life). This is an 'S' bike with full Ohlins suspension. Power commander, Black Widow carbon exhaust cans, Cycle Cat...