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  1. Technical
    Hi, I came to a stop after riding for about 15 min when I began to lose power and the abs light came on and the bike stalled out. Could not move at all for about 20 min until the bike cooled off and I could get home again. After about 10 min riding I lost lots of power and the bike was shaking...
  2. Bikes
    I'm selling my bike as I just don't ride it as much as I used to. Low mileage: just over 3,272 miles, battery has been replaced in 2015, located La Verne, CA, asking $9000 OBO. Also this bike has raised handlebars, custom carbon fiber exhaust pipes and a custom seat with carbon fiber tank...
  3. Parts
    I'm selling some of my carbon bits off my 2013 Multistrada Pikes Peak. I need plastic replacements for them, could do a swap and cash or just buy your non faded, good condition stuff so I can pull mine and sell them on. Here's what's on offer: L & R snorkel intakes $350 the pair L & R Lateral...
1-3 of 3 Results