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  1. 2016 959 Full Part Out. Ohlins, Akrapovic, Woodcraft and more

    I've done our best to price everything fairly but if you feel something is priced wrong please PM me and we can work on the price. Everything was removed from a 2016 Ducati 959 Panigale with 1800 miles. Prices do not include shipping. If there is anything you don't see listed PM me and I'll...
  2. Akrapovic exhaust can issues

    Hey guys I'm an owner of a 848 evo corse and also new to this forum. I recently low sided a few months back and have everything back in top top shape but ran in to an issue when came to buying replacement akrapovic exhaust cans for a full akrapovic system. I can't find them anywhere and have...
  3. Ducati 1198 termignoni cans/akrapovic pipes

    Good day guys. I'm fairly new to this forum so my future apologies for my lack of knowledge. But I have a question that's been burning for a while now. I am currently looking for an exhaust to fit on my 1198. Now I know that some people would think the termis are a no brainer. The cans are...
  4. $250 Ducati Evo Corse Termignoni ecu

    For Sale/Wanted
    Hey guys, I purchased a pari of termini slip-on for my 2013 848 Evo. However I purchased the New Style slip-on for 848 evo Corse. I am selling the Race ECU for the 848 Corse Model. (Brand New) This will be great if you do not want to flash over your factory Corse ECU with aftermarket slip-on...