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  1. 848
    I bought my 848 6 months ago with scratches on the left side fairing from being dropped by previous owner. I decided to take all the fairings off nose, tail, seats, everything but the tank and had all my screws in a screw box that was inside my tool kit I left the toolkit under a blanket I was...
  2. Australia
    hi guys just want to know if any one is from there or has been over there on bikes or fast cars and could tell me if it worth me going over. Me and my mates have herd its is awsome and there laws do not line up with our's not many cops and not many speed camrea's over there to plus good road...
  3. Ducati Discussion
    Alright guys... I'm thinking of adding an 1198 to the family, and so this questions only applies to current owners of an 1198. What DON'T you like about the 1198? Please feel free to list all the negatives you can think of. Thank you!!! :yo:
  4. 848
    Didnt get the 848 evo got an 09 848 good call or bad call ?
1-4 of 4 Results