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  1. Bikes
    Just thought I'd give it a shot since i heard this is the place to post it. First and foremost it is has a Rebuilt VA title. A little background; bought Oct '13; car swiped me Mar '14; Rebuilt, Reinspected and Retitled by CA DMV Jul '14; Transfered to VA BCH in Jul '15 and retitled here...
  2. 848
    hey guys just bought my first ducati, 2008 848. so far i gotta say this thing is freaking awesome. definetley dont see myself going back to inlines 4's anytime soon. but any way the reason why ive made this thread is that im stuck between either getting a graves slip on exhaust or the Bazzaz...
  3. 848
    So what's better to go with? Using the ecu termignoni gives you or going with bazzaz and doing a dyno? What has everyone been doing? What works better??
1-3 of 3 Results