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  1. 1098/1198
    Need some info... Im stationed in germany and took my 2008 1098 to a mechanic to get the timing belts replaced at about 7300 miles. After picking up the bike it started riding a little rough. So i brought it back and there saying it could be the crank shaft or bearings. When they did the belts...
  2. Technical
    I'm entertaining the idea of changing my wheel bearings on my upcoming tire change. Now the front seems pretty much cut and dry, i'm lost on the rear however. So if anyone has any experience and info on the rear wheel bearings and replacing or servicing them lay it down here. My main questions...
  3. 1098/1198
    Last weekend whilst riding my new 1198 I heard a bang and a horrible clunking sound started coming from the engine. I immediately stopped and asked my local shop to pick me up. It appears that one of the con rod bearings has blown, taking with it one head, crank, some of the gear box. Thankfully...
1-3 of 3 Results