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  1. Questions from a new guy

    Hello Everyone, This is my dream motorcycle, and am just learning how to ride. So I know I'm not ready yet, but wanted to ask you experienced riders a few questions. 1, How long did you ride for before you got on a Ducati superbike? 2, What is a good stepping stone bike, or a few, before...
  2. New owner / member / rider!

    Hi - in 2013 i passed my bike test. Rode for about a year and then trashed my CBR600f on a track. I haven't ridden in 2 years and today on a whim and in a moment of madness i bought a 5 year old 848 evo. So, this is my second bike. And here is the dumb bit. I've not even sat on one! Just went...
  3. Monster 821 Dilemma - Some Advice Please!

    Ducati Monster 821
    Hello everyone, I have just started my motorcycle-license lessons today and I should be having my license ready in about a couple of weeks. I'm the most hardcore car guy but a complete noob in the world of two wheels. I'm slightly intimidated but I'm refusing to give in to my fears of riding...
  4. 848 as SECOND bike

    Hey all New to the site and I'm gonna throw on my flameproof suit and ask a ridiculously common question with a bit of a twist. I'm seriously considering purchasing an 848 EVO as my SECOND bike. I started out last year on a ninja 250, had a blast on it, learned proper clutch, brake and...