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  1. Parts
    My extra from my 96' 916 Des. it's a complete assembly * Subframe * Plastic * Rear Pad * Rear Set's * Leather Karbacher All in excellent condition $500 plus shipping :BoomSmilie_anim:
  2. Sport Classic
    I'm looking for a black SC Biposto. Willing to pay a premium for you to part with your baby. Please give me a shout if interested. Thanks!
  3. 999/749
    I have a 06 749s that has the mono subframe and im looking for a trade to get the biposto. any takers? if your serious i can get you my email and we can take it from there. thanks! Ethan
  4. For Sale/Wanted
    Looking for: (PENDING)Rear Seat (PENDING)Passenger Pegs (PENDINGYellow/Black rear fairings (PENDING)Seat Latch/Lock CF Midpipe Heatshield Also: Right Mid Fairing Yellow 749s (FOUND)Cush Drive Sprocket Carrier. Mine's shredded :-( For a 749s (Biposto soon)
1-4 of 5 Results