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  1. Left Hand Radiator Upper Cover for 2015 Diavel Carbon

    I have a cherry body panel off my 15 Diavel carbon. I laid it down and tore up the right side, ended up going carbon fiber for both sides. This piece is FLAWLESS. My loss is your gain. Asking $200 obo, part is over $300 new. Lemme know... Thanks!
  2. Red 848/1098/1198 Tail

    Hello, I'm selling a tail off of a 2008 1098S. The tail is in excellent condition, with no broken tabs. There is one small nick that I touched up about a year ago that is a little bit bigger than the tip of a ball-point pen. It will fit all 848, 1098 and 1198 models. I am asking for $300 plus...
  3. F/S: 1198/1098/848 Body WOrk - Red

    For Sale - Stock 1198 Body Work in Red: Side Fairings $200.00 ea side. Nose Fairing $300.00. Fender $70.00. Tail Section $475.00. No belly pan as the dealer actually Lost it - Ducati Newport Beach as an FYI, otherwise it'd be a full set. I'd take $1000.00 for all of it picked up. All need to add...
  4. Frame alignment

    I bought a used 2002 ducati 998 and I have some newbe questions. If I put the bike up on a swingarm stand I notice a couple of things, one is that the passenger pegs are different lenghts from the rear tire on each side, is this normal, also the back tire doens't look to be perfectly in the...
  5. Aftermarket fairings

    I'm looking for a nice set of aftermarket fairings for my 998 and was wondering if there are any good companies to go with, or if anyone has any other knowledge regarding this?