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  1. For Sale/Wanted
    Hey friends, so to put a long story short; I dropped my 848 when trying to put it up on the rear stand like a dope. Damaged some other bits like brake lever, bar end, clutch cover (a tiny bit) and rear brake lever (also a tiny bit). Most of those items I've been able to get replacements for, but...
  2. 848
    Sharkskinz One Piece Street Upper One Piece Street Lower Front Fender Street SOLO tail (uses stock seat) Unused, WITH light cutouts Paid just under $1200 for the set, asking $800 Pickup only unless buyer pays shipping (I think it's around $200) I live in MA, also in CT some weekends and at...
  3. Parts
    Hi, After 15 years of hard work, my 748S is up for either a paint job, or replacement plastic. I've found an interesting looking fairing/bodywork set on the net <Ducati replica monoposto fairing/bodywork for superbike Ducati 748/998/996 yellow>. Has anyone had experience with them?
  4. Desmosedici RR
    Greetings- there is a desmosedici RR for sale on ebay with all red bodywork. I thought all Desmosedici came with the red/white bodywork as standard? Can anyone advise whether this was correct or if the all red bodywork was actually a valid option? If so, then perhaps this is an aftermarket...
  5. Parts
    I have a set of brand new, never been used hot-bodies race bodywork fairings for the track. I have no use for these since i'm about to change bikes. Asking $500 and Shipping. I have pictures of the box / can open the box if wanted. Fits 848/1098/1198 PM or email me at [email protected]
  6. For Sale/Wanted
    Hey all, so I initially had the plan of getting all carbon fiber fairings for my 996 but found out that it was going to be too costly to do so so instead I want to change out my yellow fairing for red ones. I already have the red tank purchased so now I need the nose, side fairings, v-cowl...
1-6 of 6 Results