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  1. Galfer Wave Rotors & Pads

    Selling a complete set of Galfer Wave rotors and Galfer sintered pads. These rotors were on my 2014 Monster 1200 but fit other Ducatis. The rotors I believe would fit a 1200 S if the 5mm spacers on the caliper bolts are removed (please confirm with your dealer). Rotors are model DF807CW and the...
  2. Replacement/upgrade rear brake 2005 S4R?

    Due the design flaw of having the bleeder screw on the lowest point of the rear caliper on the S4R, it seems to rarely ever hold pressure for more than a month or so without having to be bled. In order to avoid having to remove the caliper and do all of the old tricks to bleed it on a regular...
  3. Fs: 848 evo

    Brand new Rizoma grips and ends red and black, still in box. used but in excellent condition integrated tail lights, Clear flashing break, sequential signal indicator, plug and go. rear brake pads new in wrapper. I have mercedes Gl class parts too if interested.... pm me or text...
  4. Front Brake pressure issue

    Hi, I am new to this forum and also very new driving a Ducati Hypermotard SP.(previously drove BMW GS for many years!) It is a brand new bike, only 2500km on it... But I have some issues with it, it is the front brakes! When I brake, then I have to pull quite deep, if I release it and quickly...
  5. New calipers and dry break couplings

    Desmosedici RR
    Changed the standard cast calipers to HPK billet nickel plated for the front and anodised for the rear as 2008 Stoner bike all be it not the proper gp calipers, also fitted dry break couplings alllowing for caliper removel without bleading, although I must confess I fitted them just so it looks...
  6. Suspension and brake setup for sale near new!!

    For Sale/Wanted
    hey guys and girls for sale full "complete" rear brake system brembo gold comes with everything you see , A1 condition should fit most superbikes 1700km use. MAKE AND OFFER!!!! :)
  7. Parts replacement

    These might be stupid questions for some. But i have no one to learn from and trying to figure out everthing as I go. After reading several threads I figured out that chain pitch is 525, front sprocket is 15T and rear 38T for the 1098. I have a 1198S. Is it correct to assume that they're the...
  8. 848 - Pads Rubbing Rotors?

    Hey everyone, New to the boards - just bought a 2011 848 Evo. I've had it for about a month and put ~850 miles on it. I was inspecting it today and it looks like the front brake pads are rubbing the rotors all the time. Has anyone seen or heard of this before? Also, any thoughts on how...