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  1. Racing
    Jordan Szoke has partnered with VisalusSport.com and the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge to help promote healthy living, and to help him in his challenge for an 8th Canadian National Superbike Championship. You can help support Jordan and the Waznie racing team by commiting to your own 90 Day...
  2. Canada
    Stufko Racing For more information please visit www.stufkoracing.com or contact Tony Stufko via phone at 613-863-1266 or [email protected] For Immediate Release: Sponsorship Announcement: Monette Sports/Ducati Montreal will sponsor Tony Stufko for the 2011 race season. April 1st, 2011...
  3. Technical
    Cleaned and waxed the 1198 today for the first time. Still have 1ft of snow on the ground but had to hear the bike today! Does anyone have any suggestions to clean the rear rim as I noticed alot of chain oil and dirt / grime. Used water and soap but would like some suggestions! Thanks!!
1-3 of 3 Results