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  1. Technical
    I want to change the chain and sprockets on my 2007 monster 695. I'm having trouble getting the retaining plate from the front sprocket off of the shaft from the gearbox. The manual says to simply remove this plate from the shaft, but mine just won't come off. My best guess is that the plate...
  2. Monster
    2000 Ducati Monster sie 900 Reaching out to fellow riders. Here is my story in a nut shell. Ducati changed my chain and sprocket 1k ago Chain snapped at the master link cracking the case I did not go back at "500 miles" to adjust, so they aren't taking full responsibility. Which was not on...
  3. Ducati Monster 821
    Cleaned and lubricated chain for the first time and thought I will share. First of all, to all of you handyman out there: you can skip this post :) I am not very handy with advanced mechanical objects therefore every small work I am able to do on my bike gives me a great deal of satisfaction...
  4. Ducati Monster 821
    What is the preferred front/rear tire pressure for long life and comfort ride? What is the preferred method of chain tension check and tightening?
  5. For Sale/Wanted
    This is a NEW EK 525 Quadra-X Ring 525MVXZ chain. This is a top of the line chain for your Superbike. Black plates – gold pins. Includes the ‘Master Link’ ($8) 120 links Brand new This will fit a shit ton of Ducatis, This is brand new, never mounted, never used I normally sell my stuff on eBay...
  6. 1098/1198
    These might be stupid questions for some. But i have no one to learn from and trying to figure out everthing as I go. After reading several threads I figured out that chain pitch is 525, front sprocket is 15T and rear 38T for the 1098. I have a 1198S. Is it correct to assume that they're the...
1-6 of 6 Results