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check engine light

  1. Engine light comes on after starting up with Annitori quick shifter coil all connected but the module power off

    As I was testing if the module of the Annitori quickshifter's power(red) wire is wired correctly, i started the engine. The engine runs rough most probably misfiring and engine light comes on while the module isn't turned on because I think I spliced it to the wrong wire. (I was gonna use the...
  2. 848 MAP Sensor P0105?

    Hey All! I bought my 848 a while ago and the check engine light has been on the whole time due to the exhaust valve delete (or so I thought.) The parts arrived today for pulling the codes from the module and instead of the typical exhaust valve codes, it has 3 codes listed for 'P0105 -...
  3. New Duc Owner - Throwing sporadic CEL's

    Hello all! I've been lurking and learning for a while, but this is my first post/ cry for help. I have a 2006 999s with 4000 miles and am totally loving the experience. However, on my way to work last week, it threw a CEL on a back road. I stopped and tried to Check for a code, but got nothing...