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  1. Ducati Discussion
    Hi everyone, I made kind of a newbie mistake and tried to place a red Ducati cover over my Monster before it had fully cooled down. The result, much to my dismay, was melted cloth on the exhaust pipes, some of which burned off immediately while some of the red still remains elsewhere. Does...
  2. Ducati Discussion
    Hey guys, I have a Dainese leather jacket and leather boots. I was wondering what product to you guys use to clean your jackets at the end of the season (or even throughout the season)? Thank you!
  3. Technical
    Cleaned and waxed the 1198 today for the first time. Still have 1ft of snow on the ground but had to hear the bike today! Does anyone have any suggestions to clean the rear rim as I noticed alot of chain oil and dirt / grime. Used water and soap but would like some suggestions! Thanks!!
1-3 of 3 Results