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  1. Ducati Monster 696
    Hi guys, Let me first introduce myself. I'm Andrea from Belgium, born in 1985 and just bought a Ducati M696. I was wondering if anyone has the 3D drawing of the clutch cover. I want to create a personalized one and it would be nice to have the original drawing to start with. Or if anyone has...
  2. Sport Classic
    Hi everyone! I just recently bought my first ducati. Its a sport1000.. I want to order an open clutch cover as it has a dry clutch. I wanted to find out how much louder does the noise of the clutch gets. Is it a significant change (waking up the neighbours level lol) or just a noticable...
  3. 848
    Hi all -- someone just dropped my brand new 2013 848 EVO and I am looking for a replacement clutch cover and right fairing (white). Can anyone help? many thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results