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  1. Technical
    Hello good samaritans..!!! I have a Ducati 748, and I recently replaced my dry clutch plates and the clutch boss hub. After replacement, I turn on my bike and try to put it in gear for a test ride…but...It feels engaging in gear, but as I release the clutch to move on the bike is fully in...
  2. 916/996/998/748
    I've got some stuff left over from a parted out bike. Air Intakes/filter housings, clutch parts a windscreen and a host of others. cheers :blah:
  3. Street Fighter
    Hi Guys, First time posting in this forum. I have a 2010 Streetfighter S and I'm switching out the 8 worn clutch rings for new ones and also the basket. As I was removing the 32mm torqued center bolt I was expecting the hub to just come off loose in my hand but it hasn't. Instead the hub came...
1-3 of 3 Results