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  1. Torque Settings

    Hey! I have a M900 monster fitted with a DP slipper clutch (which just gave out on me this weekend!!). Will order some replacement clutch plates, bust wondered if anyone know the torque settings for the pressure plate bolts? Cheers! Chris
  2. 848 Clutch Mods

    Hey, I was after some advice/info regarding the clutch on my 848 evo. I just bought the bike and will have it home next week...so doing the typical 'what can I do to it' googling! I have an M900 monster fitted with an open slipper clutch which performs great and looks badass and was thinking...
  3. 2018 939 Shorty Clutch Lever

    Hey Guys, didn't see anything on this when searching the forum but wanted to ask around if anyone with any experience with adding/changing their stock clutch lever for a short one? I know the clutch has a sensor in it, and that to change between rider modes, the clutch needs to be closed. So, i...
  4. Clear Clutch Cover

    959 Panigale
    :DI installed the DucaBike Clear Clutch cover -Cover -Ring -Pressure Plate But now...when i roll my bike in gear with clutch it. it feels SO heavy/weighted Do i need to adjust my clutch? I need help, not sure what to do...did i do something wrong :( it does look sexy tho, but i think i need...
  5. Monster clutch issue

    Hey all, I went to replace my clutch the other day in my monster and notice a bent washer inside. Any idea on how this could happen or if it will be an issue??? Cheers, Cornelius
  6. Clutch Issues 2012 Hyper 796

    I replaced the slave cylinder, and flushed the fluid for the clutch on my 2012 Hyper 796. Ever since then, with the bike off and in first, it takes a few pumps before I can push the bike, and after that, there is still a lot of drag. I have been using a Mityvac, and there were no bubbles when...
  7. Do I need the clutch tool to swap the clutch pressure plate?

    1299 Panigale
    Hi all, I recently purchased the Ducabike clear clutch cover kit for my 1299. I also got their pressure plate because I thought while I'm in there, why not? Here's that piece: Ducabike Pressure Plate My dealer says they should install that pressure plate because you need a special tool to...
  8. New Rizoma fluid tanks - Brake and Clutch Reservoirs

    Rizoma clutch, front brake, and rear brake fluid tanks - black anodized These are Brand New in sealed packages (sold my bike before I had a chance to install them). Designed and manufactured in Italy. 3 Rizoma Universal Fit Fluid Tanks Part # CT027B (for front brake) Part # CT025B (for...
  9. 748 Dry clutch advise from experts needed...

    Hello good samaritans..!!! I have a Ducati 748, and I recently replaced my dry clutch plates and the clutch boss hub. After replacement, I turn on my bike and try to put it in gear for a test ride…but...It feels engaging in gear, but as I release the clutch to move on the bike is fully in...
  10. Clutch, pressure plate slave

    Hey guys ! this is my first post so just let me know if i do anything wrong... However my problem is I was trying to install my new rizoma pressure plates on my ducati m1000 however i noticed that my push rod would not sit fully flush in the slave cylinder i believe, or in possibly its the...
  11. Clutch slip normal???

    I have a clutch that slips when I take off the line. It's not significant but I tried adding an extra plate. I'm wondering if this is normal because I've heard about slipper clutches and the purpose for them. It's significant enough that I could not do a wheelie if I tried. For the...
  12. FS: Barnett Ducati dry clutch basket - RED

    SOLD: Barnett Ducati dry clutch basket - RED For Sale: Barnett Ducati Dry Clutch basket (RED) - SOLD -Used for less than 2K miles -In great condition, hardly any wear on the tabs -Has minor wear and tear from installation/use as shown in pics -Aluminum basket construction with stainless steel...
  13. Engine dies when shifted from N to 1. Not the kick stand switch. ideas?

    I have a 749s 2003 bike. When I go from neutral to 1, it jumps and dies like i do not have the clutch pulled in even when I do. Looks like the plates are moving in and out but jumps forward and dies everytime. When I try and shift directly to 2, it grinds. Any suggestions are much appreciated.
  14. Speedymoto clutch cover, pressure plate, and springs/keepers

    Selling my Speedymoto clutch components, all prices are shipped: Grey 10-spoke cover, SOLD Red pressure plate, $80 Grey keepers, stainless springs and bolts, $15
  15. Help w/ Clutch Pull, New 1198 Owner

    Hello, I'm the proud new parent of a 2009 1198. I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me the easiest & most economical way to adjust my clutch's disengagement. Right now the bike pulls hard and late in the clutch's release. I'd like it to be a more gradual disengagement, and for it to...
  16. FS: As New Carbon Fiber Closed Dry Clutch Cover 1x98 & misc parts

    For Sale/Wanted
    New condition - Ducati Performance CF Closed dry clutch cover in perfect condition. $50 shipped USPS Priority to lower 48 states. OEM cover and pressure plate also available along with a few other misc stock parts - slave cyl, hoses, passenger rearsets, rider seat
  17. 999 Clutch issue?

    I'm brand new to owning a Ducati, with limited experience in riding sportbikes, but I'm pretty sure there's a problem with my '05 999. Just bought it about a month ago, noticed right away that the clutch was extra loud with a bit of a knock in it. When the clutch lever is pulled, knock goes away...
  18. 2003 999 clutch issue?

    Hi everyone, my name is Dino. About a month ago I bought a 2003 999. I am absolutely wrapped as I have wanted the bike for so long. When I bought the bike it had been sitting for a long time without anyone riding it and I got a fantastic deal on it. I immediately got some work done to it...
  19. problem with clutch?

    Hi, this is a 2006 749. I was replacing the chain an sprockets. I put the bike in first gear and went to tighten the front sprocket. I was able to tighten with resistance to a certain point (way below the torque specification) but then the drive started to spin with the wrench. This isn't right...
  20. 848 shifting problem

    Hey guys i'm having a problem with shifting after buying back my 848 from salvage. Long story short some guy made a left in front of my and I laid my 848 down on the left side at around 25-30mph. The problems seemed mostly cosmetic but cosmetic problems will total a Ducati in no time. I...