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  1. Technical
    i have a 1999 ducati monster 750 thats not getting spark to one of the coils, i replaced coils replaced plugs and wires and cdi boxes, all fuses are good, wires have all been tested and are good as well, the only thing i can think of is pickup/pulsar coils? if anyone has any ideas please let me...
  2. Sport Classic
    Hi, I'm new on here. I own a 2007 Sportclassic 1000S. I'd be grateful for help. Under the seat is the wire feed plug and socket to the tank fuel pump. I inadvertently caught the male plug and the 4 wires came out. Blue, white, black, red. Please if you have a sportclassic and are able to lift...
  3. 1098/1198
    I picked up a well-used 1098 the other day which evidently has some issues... Firstly it struggles to start, and needs a bit of throttle and holding at a few thousand revs to keep running. I managed to ride it a few miles up the road to check the thing out, and there was no power or throttle...
1-3 of 3 Results