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  1. Multistrada
    Hi All Overheating issue with my 2010 Mts 1200. I believe it is air locked somewhere on the cooling system. I have recently replaced the coolant and was wondering if there is a specific technique or tricks out there when filling the radiator to avaoid air locking issues? Much appreciated for...
  2. Multistrada
    Hi all I have a Multistrada 1200 2010 model. Recently noticed that I have coolant dripping out of a join in the exhaust from the forward facing cylinder. Now from the little research iv done and putting a mechanical mind to it, the problem may be a leak in the cylinder head. Iv heard that its a...
  3. Street Fighter
    Just been quoted $835.63 from the Dealer for a 36 month service on my 2013 Streetfighter 848, a little on the high side I think; of course most of the cost is labour, $517.50. Anyway I want to do the oil and coolant change myself. I have watched a number of Utube videos and both activities seem...
  4. Street Fighter
    Hello, like the title says, this ducati that i have its leaking from the right side of the motorcyle its, leaking exactly from like a small plastic visor that sits by the rear cyl... you guys have happen this before?
  5. 999/749
    Hi there! I picked up my first Ducati 2 weeks ago - a 749 Dark Monoposto - and I am loving every minute of it!! Its a fantastic bike that both looks and rides great! But, I may have a few issues... Firstly what looks like a coolant leak - not a huge amount, but only noticed it when I removed...
  6. 1098/1198
    I just purchased my 2009 1198S about a week ago and was informed of a small oil leak possibly coming from a torn gasket. The leak presents itself just inside the left fairing opening. I stripped the bike this evening and noticed that the leak was not in fact oil but coolant, this was figured due...
1-6 of 6 Results