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  1. 916/996/998/748
    I have a new old stock alternator cover that I no longer need. I bought this for my 2002 S4 Monster and then it ended up that the shop could fix my original. I bought this new from a Ducati dealer in the early-mid 2000s. The color is more grey than it looks in the pictures. It is currently on...
  2. Ducati Discussion
    Hi everyone, I made kind of a newbie mistake and tried to place a red Ducati cover over my Monster before it had fully cooled down. The result, much to my dismay, was melted cloth on the exhaust pipes, some of which burned off immediately while some of the red still remains elsewhere. Does...
  3. Parts
    Looking for one of these. Please PM :)
  4. Miscellaneous Classifieds
    Looking for one of these. Please PM :)
  5. Wanted
    Looking for one of these. Please PM :)
  6. Wanted
    Found One! Looking for a bike cover for my 848 Evo. Would like to get the red Ducati Superbike cover. Only interested in a mint cover. Not looking for one with stains and holes. Thanks.
  7. Parts
    FS: Ducati GT1000 Seat Cowl Up for sales is one fiberglass seat cowl for a Ducati Sport Classic GT1000. Item requires refinishing and painting. 100 OBO. Price does not include shipping. Paypal only please. Please PM or email for other GT1000 Sport Classic parts for sale. Combined...
  8. For Sale/Wanted
    I've been searching high and low for a good deal on the Ducati Performance fitted cover for my Red Carbon. As you all know these are pretty spendy, but I managed to buy out a dealer's stock, so I've got a few left over to sell. You won't find a better price, not even on eBay! BRAND NEW...
  9. For Sale/Wanted
    Here is one of those over-priced Ducati Performance Red Stretch cover fits 848 or 1x98 like a glove. Mint shape no fading and such. Just like a new one only it won't cost you $355 it yours for $135.00 including shipping CONUS. Looks better on than the crappy B&W photo below. Guess I shouda...
  10. For Sale/Wanted
    Ok, this is a clutch cover for an 848. If it wasn’t for the fact that I can see sealant on the face of the part, I would swear that this had never been installed. ITS PERFECT. Not a scratch or any mark of any description. I normally sell my stuff on eBay but thought I would give this forum a...
1-10 of 10 Results