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  1. Custom Tim Harney 2001 748 for sale

    2001 Ducati 748 | eBay parts list to be updated thank you
  2. Custom Renazco Racing Seat for 2015 Diavel Carbon (White)

    My loss is your gain. Had Renazco Racing fab this seat for me on the stock pan. Added gel padding on front and rear so Wifey would be more comfortable. Its suede, so it looks mat. Lines in pics are just dirt. Looks awesome. Asking $200 OBO, lemme know... Thanks!
  3. Custom Carbon Fiber Windscreen for Diavel

    Greetings, Diavelistas... I have designed a custom carbon fiber windscreen for the Diavel. I am posting pix here to see what kind of interest there might be in purchasing such a product. I have partnered with a well-regarded manufacturer of "real" carbon fiber parts with the capability of...
  4. Gas tank decal removal

    Anyone every pulled the decal off the gas tank. From first glance it looks to be underneath a clear coat. I have a 1198 but thats irrelevant but wondering about the tank. Thanks
  5. Does anyone know...

    Ducati Discussion
    I'm trying to identify the mod's on this Streetfighter. If you know or think you know what all has been modified, please post your knowledge. -Jeff
  6. 696 Tracker Project

    Caio All, I just closed my business to retire so I can focus on more important things...like tinkering on cool scoots!! I was making a living with them (exhausts, Chain Reaction Moto) but as fun as it is to be able to make a living with them, its not near as cool as just doing it for fun...
  7. Hit and run 848

    So my 848 suffered a hit and run yesterday in a parking lot. Luckily, two people saw the entire incident and got the plate number of the perp. So I'm filed a hit and run report and it's a criminal offense, so the person is in deep shit. The two people gave statements and the police are pursuing...