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  1. Parts
    I got a custom made "Ducati Corse " rear rim decal made with the help of a vinyl sign guy.... we designed it with me dropping off my rear rim/tire to him for a few days..... We found that the outward slope of the rim meant that a straight line decal of about 18 inches and 50mm high wanted to...
  2. 1098/1198
    Anyone every pulled the decal off the gas tank. From first glance it looks to be underneath a clear coat. I have a 1198 but thats irrelevant but wondering about the tank. Thanks
  3. 848
    Hi everyone, I was looking at some bikes and spotted a few with dark 848 decals on the L & R middle panels. I wanted to get some input an what you think looks good and where I could pick up a set of the dark 848 decals. Thanks Also if you have some pictures of neat decals on your bike, Post them...
1-3 of 3 Results