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  1. Desmos Being Ridden!

    Desmosedici RR
    Come on, let's create a recent gallery of Desmo's being ridden, you know you want to! Just got mine out of storage after feeling a 5yr itch I couldn't scratch, they really are quite special aren't they? Leaving it in track mode now and if I can loose 10kgs I might even be able to last more...
  2. original bodywork?

    Desmosedici RR
    Greetings- there is a desmosedici RR for sale on ebay with all red bodywork. I thought all Desmosedici came with the red/white bodywork as standard? Can anyone advise whether this was correct or if the all red bodywork was actually a valid option? If so, then perhaps this is an aftermarket...
  3. New calipers and dry break couplings

    Desmosedici RR
    Changed the standard cast calipers to HPK billet nickel plated for the front and anodised for the rear as 2008 Stoner bike all be it not the proper gp calipers, also fitted dry break couplings alllowing for caliper removel without bleading, although I must confess I fitted them just so it looks...