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dry clutch

  1. Help! Dry Clutch Hub and basket issues with Pic

    Street Fighter
    Hi Guys, First time posting in this forum. I have a 2010 Streetfighter S and I'm switching out the 8 worn clutch rings for new ones and also the basket. As I was removing the 32mm torqued center bolt I was expecting the hub to just come off loose in my hand but it hasn't. Instead the hub came...
  2. Clutch Friction Zone Changes While Riding - 1998 ST2

    Sport Touring
    All, I would really appreciate your input into potential reasons that my friction zone changes while I'm riding. When I start up my 1998 ST2, I get engagement when the clutch lever is about half-way out. But while I'm riding, it will sometimes change to getting engagement from about 3/4 to fully...
  3. Gear issues, dry clutch

    Hi guys, new here ... Just bought my 1098 (Avi pic) and in having a very hard time with the dry clutch, it seems to either always grind or stall when taking off ... Any tips of what can I do? I'm putting in practice around the parking lot but I have to take off really slow ... Is this normal? Or...