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  1. 1198s front tire blowout - wheel/dtc compatibility

    Hi guys, I recently had an unfortunate incident, due to my extreme stupidity. While doing about 160 mph on the highway, my front tire lost pressure, and I did not listen to what my bike was telling me (felt quite unstable). Instead of immediately but gradually stopping, I only slowed down to...
  2. WTB DTC discs 1198s or 1098r

    For Sale/Wanted
    I'm looking to buy DTC discs for my 1098r to go on the spare wheels. Send PM or email. //Chris www.OMNIWORKS.se
  3. Can't see DTC menu at start

    Bought an 1198S (or so I think!) used from a high-end car dealership. It was a trade in - I'm thinking buddy bought it because he saw it in a move, put a full Termi exhaust, a chip, shorty-shifters... scared the hell out of himself and traded it in. End result is I picked up an '09 at a great...