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  1. Possible Valve Seal issue? 1098s 2007

    Just finished re building my Ducati 1098s, bought second hand and basically ripped it down to frame and engine and did a major overhaul, including the motor.... took her to the track for a shakedown and everything seemed peachy for 3 sessions. On the way in on the third session, heapppps of...
  2. Akrapovic exhaust can issues

    Hey guys I'm an owner of a 848 evo corse and also new to this forum. I recently low sided a few months back and have everything back in top top shape but ran in to an issue when came to buying replacement akrapovic exhaust cans for a full akrapovic system. I can't find them anywhere and have...
  3. [VIDEO] My Ducati 1098 track bike - race videos and development.

    This is my 2007 Ducati 1098 with 9000 km on street use, after which being converted in a track use only bike. now it got 12000 km. Bazzaz Fi, TC, QS Full 70mm Termignoni exhaust Base gearing 14/38 stock engine (not ported, no nothing). Stock 1098S fornt Forks Ohlins FG511 Ohlins TTX36 Carbon...
  4. FS: 2008 Ducati 1098 Race Bike

    Up for sale is my "B" race bike. This is a really nice race bike with A LOT of goodies for serious racers. 2008 Ducati 1098. 9,500 miles. Clean title. Parts: Ohlins Forks (with new cartridge) Ohlins TTX Shock Linear Shock Link (DP) Rear Height Adjuster (Shortened to fit the linear link)...
  5. Rear Brake Loss all Pressure When Gets Hot

    Anybody helps me please! My rear brake works like charm when the bike just starts. After 30mn city ride with the slightly use of rear brake and it starts to loss pressure little by little until there is no pressure! I put DOT 4 and bleed the brake. I come across somewhere they mentioned about...
  6. New PIX and Winter LED Project

    If you have no constructive criticism to offer, KINDLY MOVE ALONG and mind your own business. :yo:Hello guys, since Denver CO drivers are very bad at driving cos they are always high of the green - :smoking::smoking::smoking: I mounted LED lights on the fairings to improve visibility and in...
  7. New Ducati 1098!!!

    Hello guys, New Here!!!:):):) I have been reading this forum for a while a now learning as much about Ducati's as much as possible, especially the 1098 (2008). I am very happy that I could use the knowledge collected from this site to help me ride safely. I have own a ninja 250 in the past...