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ducati 848 evo

  1. help 5ft 9in 140lbs 14 year old ducati 848 evo

    Hello forum as you can see by the title I'm a 14 year old boy, at my height could I put my feet down also is the bike heavy in terms of feel Thanks for the help
  2. 848 contacts

    How do I change the color of my front facing running lights?
  3. Ducati hard start help!!

    Having a hard time starting my 848 evo. it stalls when cold, on stoplights...I have a video attached. Help me out guys!
  4. layed my 848 down need help!

    Hey guys I need some help the other day me and some friends were riding I was coming to some tight for corners when shit Ilayed my bike over on the clutch lever side...I damaged the fairings bent my shift pedal and damaged my handle bar cracked my headlight bracket....I noticed when I tried to...
  5. any alabama ducati owners?

    Any Alabama Ducati owners hit me up so we can ride....having met any here in bama
  6. My 848 Evo - Termi, Carbon etc...

    Hi fellow Ducatisti, just wanna share some pictures and experiences with you :drummer: So I got myself the 2011 848 Evo in white / red, fell in love with her at the first sight. And boy it is a lot of fun. First season last year was very interesting because this is my first Ducati / V2 ever...