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  1. 2008 Ducati 848 speedometer jumps to faster speed

    Hi guys, my 2008 Ducati 848 just started to have this problem in the past week. When I was cruising around 35 mph and get on throttle, the speed displayed on the dash jumps to 150 mph or even faster. Clearly, I was not riding that fast. Also, When I roll off the throttle, it does the same...
  2. Symptoms of Voltage regulator issues

    Bike: 2009 Ducati 848 Symptoms: Engine struggles to start from cold start, headlight flickering, if headlight flickers then so does dash, cuts off at very low RPMs (not me w/ throttle&clutch) I let the Ducati dealer check the VIN and no recalls were found for my bike. I have found tons of...
  3. Really really need help with 848

    Hey everybody I recently purchased a 2008 Ducati 848 with 4K milage all up to date on its service and what not. And the other day I was riding and I was at the light when I shifted down a little too hard into first gear dumb move worse than punching a wall and long story short it got stuck and...
  4. Buying a 848

    Hello, just trying to get some information on what to look for when buying a 848 Im buying from a dealer. bike is an 2011 and dealer says it has 205 miles?
  5. Caribbean Championships South America Guyana

    Had an awesome time In Guyana which is in South America, for their Caribbean Championships this past November. It was the first Ducati on track so it was the spectacle of the day. I built most of the bike myself, then took it to have it checked over by a real mechanic. didnt get any practice...
  6. FS: 2010 Ducati 848 dark $8900 OBO Chicago

    FS: 2010 Ducati 848 dark $8000 Chicago delete
  7. The Infamous Tank Expansion...and Then Some

    Alright, new to Ducati, last bike was a Triumph Daytona 675. So I purchased a 2011 848 EVO. I absolutely love the bike, minus the complete SHIT tank. Can't believe an esteemed organization would use this plastic tank over aluminum. (I know about the aluminum tank...I wish I could spend $2,300...
  8. seeking Help / Advise : Motorcycle Accident

    Ducati Discussion
    couple days ago my 848 was hit by a car that was backing up. The motorcycle was parked and I was not present on the bike. The bike was obviously liad down on its side and had some minor damage to the body; fender damaged, mirrors cracked, peggs bent, etc My question 1. Will the insurance...
  9. Rear Stock Sprocket Needed!! 2012 Evo

    I understand a lot of riders replace their sprockets. Whatever the reason...color change, design, material (lighter), tooth ratio, etc. So where are all the stock sprockets once they've been replaced. I'm looking for someone who wants to sell their stock OEM "REAR" sprocket for my 2012 848 EVO.
  10. Fluid leaking on left with PICS

    Hey guys, I just purchased my Ducati about a week ago and i just realized for the past 2 -3 days there has been some oil leaking out on the side. Its tiny droplets at the moment but I am afraid this could bite me in the near future. Any help would be appreciated :( 2008 Ducati 848 5400 Miles...
  11. 848 shifting problem

    Hey guys i'm having a problem with shifting after buying back my 848 from salvage. Long story short some guy made a left in front of my and I laid my 848 down on the left side at around 25-30mph. The problems seemed mostly cosmetic but cosmetic problems will total a Ducati in no time. I...
  12. My 848 Evo - Termi, Carbon etc...

    Hi fellow Ducatisti, just wanna share some pictures and experiences with you :drummer: So I got myself the 2011 848 Evo in white / red, fell in love with her at the first sight. And boy it is a lot of fun. First season last year was very interesting because this is my first Ducati / V2 ever...
  13. 2009 Ducati 848 - $9500

    For Sale/Wanted
    F.S.: 2009 Ducati 848 - $9500 2009 Red Ducati 848 5,700 Miles All Maintenance and service records are available. Never Dropped/Crashed/Layed Down and I am the second owner. Purchased bike from original owner with 1545 miles on it. Garage Kept mint condition. I treat my bikes as if they...
  14. Brand new Pit Bull Stand for 848 only

    For Sale/Wanted
    I bought this stand to replace a broken one, used it once and then sold the 848 so I could buy the new Daytona 675R which takes a spool stand. Not a scratch. Wheels arent even marked up. Was $160 New. Will sell it for $110 plus shipping. No Negotiation please. Pay Pal only. Please respond to...