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  1. 1098/1198
    Could anyone provide me with detailed instructions on how to reflash a ecu and remove the immobilizer from a 2008 1098 I’m not very tech smart I’m just about to order the cables Any input would be appreciated Thanks Ps excuse my poor punctuation or lack of.
  2. 1199 Panigale
    Hi! I'm facing a random issue where the bike will suddenly throw the ENGINE light, melcodiag says is "P0221 Horizontal cylinder throttle position error [TPS 2 - Difference between track 1 and track 2]. " lately got worst since it will happen minutes or seconds after firing it up. Panigale Tps...
  3. 848
    So I bought a 2009 Ducati 848 out of an auction with a missing dash/speedometer I bought a new one that came off of an evo. It also came with the ecu, ignition, and the ring that comes around the ignition. The bike still won’t turn over. Do I have to get the ecu flashed to the bike?
  4. 848
    Hi there, My duc has the ominous Fan error problem where the Fans aren't turning. I've read many things about it, but i didn't find a solution yet: I have checked the fuses, I have replaced the relays, but still nothing. At the moment i've hooked up the fans directly to my battery with a...
  5. 916/996/998/748
    This one boggles my mind, hopefully there is someone out there to shine some light on it. I have a 2001 748 with a 996 motor in it. The previous owner did the change and also upgraded the chip. It has done roughly 15,000km with this setup. Prelude: A few month ago I went for a ride and had 3...
  6. Bike Gear
    Ducati Technoresearch VDST Diagnostic Scantool Magneti Marelli ECU’s Any motorcycle with MM IAW-59M ECU This item is new, in original box. Item was opened, connected, and tested. It powered up perfectly and quick and was recognized by my windows 10 computer and drivers were automatically...
  7. 916/996/998/748
    Hey group, I am pretty new to all this diagnostic and tuning stuff so excuse me if these questions seem dumb. I am in the process of getting diagnostic software for my FBF system and chip from TechnoResearch. I tried Ferracci, but get no response. What exactly will this do for me? Will it...
  8. How-tos
    Hi, I have a Cagiva Elefant fitted with a ST2 944ie motor and loom. I bought the cable to connect the bike to my laptop over USB, and I understand there is free software available that allows to reads faults and settings in the bike's ECU. Does anyone know how all this works? - is there...
  9. 999/749
    Does anyone in the US have a parts bike or crashed 749. My bike needs a new keys/key assembly gauge cluster and ECU. If anyone can help please let me know thanks
  10. Parts
    Selling my Staintune exhaust, with db baffles, with factory race cams and the ECU flashed to the setup. Also throw in a Power Commander that was also run on the bike. Seeking best offer.
  11. Technical
    Hey guys, I just bought my first Ducati! It's a 2005 Monster 620. Anyways the guy I bought it from said it had a fuel remap but when I asked him if it had a power commander or something else he had no idea what I was talking about and said the last owner did it. I searched the bike but can't...
  12. Parts
    I have a brand new unopened ECU for the above bike. I don't have any use for it so seeing if anyone on here is interested. Looking to get around 300 Australiana Dollars for it.
  13. Multistrada
    Hi guys, My 2nd hand multi is getting 240kms per tank rather than 350 and smells like petrol. Dyno shows it is running rich and the theory so far is the ECU has been re-mapped to suit a carbon slip-on that the former owner took off, the bike now has standard exhaust. The only fix I've been...
  14. Parts
    For Sale OE Ducati ECU from a 2008 1098. Unit was replaced with the Termi ECU in 2009. I assume it is working correctly but have not tested it. I will consider any reasonable offer - I will refund your money if the ECU is proven to be defective. Buyer pays shipping from DFW TX. Edit: Title is...
  15. Parts
    Ducati OEM ENGINE CONTROL UNIT (AKA Electr. Control Unit) Part # 28641481A ( Came out of a 2008 Monster S2R 1000 - may work with other year models of the S2R1000 (check with a Ducati shop to make sure). Reason for selling: I replaced my ECU with a Performance ECU before "flashing...
  16. 1098/1198
    having some issues with the stalling and lumpy down low revs. does the termi slip ons come with an specific ecu and do they always say 1098 racing on the dash as mine says 1098 superbike and how easy is it to sync the throttle bodies .any help or suggestions would be appreciated .
  17. Parts
    I am selling 848 EVO CORSE OEM ECU. The OEM ECU came off my bike at the 10K mile mark. I'm asking 150USD. Prices negotiable. Local pickups welcomed in the LA/OC California area. :dance: DP ECU - SOLD!
  18. Ducati Monster 1200
    I have had my Monster 1200 for a week now and all was well till the other day. Stopped for fuel and when I restarted I noticed the the TOT reading was a flashing ------. Switch off and changed units from km to miles and back but no difference. All the other trips appear to be working fine and...
  19. Bike Gear
    2012 Ducati 696 ABS Monster Kit includes all OEM parts: left & right exhaust cans, heat shields, the air filter and the ECU. All parts were removed by the dealer to upgrade the exhaust system before the new bike was delivered so they are all unused. Will entertain the best offer and help...
  20. Parts
    Hi guys I'm selling working Dynojet Power Commander for Ducati 749 999 removed from 999s ,part #714-410 also cross references to 714-411 and 715-411. Should fit alll 999 and 749 (R,S) with download from DYNOJET website 200$ + shipping:yo:
1-20 of 29 Results