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  1. Motor seized up

    Hello the motor on my 2011 Ducati monster finally went and I want to keep the bike because I got a lot of aftermarket parts for it, I am curious if I should put another engine from a 796 monster in it or if it was possible that I can put a bigger engine in it from a newer bike?
  2. FS 2013 Ducati 848 EVO Engine

    Selling my spare 2013 Ducati 848 EVO engine. I bought this back in 2017 as a spare engine for the race season but never ended up having to use it. Engine only has 4400 miles on it. Only reason I'm selling it is I'm parting out my 848 race bike to fund racing my 1100 next year. $2,500 Plus...
  3. Monster 1100s engine cut-off

    Hi Guys, I would appreciate your help with an issue I'm having on my 2009 Ducati Monster 1100s. I'll start with describing the problem: Under hard acceleration the engine won't rev higher than ~ 6000 rpm, it actually feels like there is a sudden ignition cut off for both cylinders – the bike...
  4. 2007 1098S engine stops when I shift from Neutral to first gear

    Hi Guys, I just bought a Ducati 1098s and i have been having issues sometimes when I shift from neutral to first gear, the engine stops even when i have my side stand up. Please advice? Thank you.
  5. What gives that specific Ducati sound?

    Ducati Discussion
    Hi, just quick question. What gives that lovely specific Ducati engine sound? Much different then other (jap.) bikes. Thanks
  6. Engine swap yes or no, what fits?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and only quickly skimmed the rules. Please forgive me if I seem to have broken some. To the point: I am the proud owner of a 1996 ducati Monster 600. It's my first bike. The previous owner has mistreated it horribly. Most of it I have repaired by now. The only...
  7. 2009 Ducati 1198 base engine 25k mi *not working*

    So I purchased a new motor and everything's all fine and dandy now. But I'm sitting on this old motor. All I can tell you is that I believe it is a broken push rod. Engine has 25k miles on it and before giving out on me it never gave me a problem. Could be a relatively inexpensive fix could be...
  8. StreetFighter leaking from right side

    Street Fighter
    Hello, like the title says, this ducati that i have its leaking from the right side of the motorcyle its, leaking exactly from like a small plastic visor that sits by the rear cyl... you guys have happen this before?
  9. 2008 1098 intermittent engine cut out.

    Hello, I have a 2008 1098 with 11k miles on it. I got it just over a year ago with full belt service. Well this time last year the engine light came on the the bike was running rough as arse holes, cut out and wouldn't start for a few minutes then started again and it hasn't had any problems...
  10. PLEASE HELP 848 wont start

    turn key everything lights up as normal except oil light and exclamation yellow light is on and the bike wont start not turn or anything. the bike is stripped with no farings so i thought maybe something disconnected wont let it start im not sure any help greatly appreciated.
  11. WTB: 2006 620 Monster Engine

    I'm looking for a replacement engine for a 2006 Monster 620. Anybody upgraded to something bigger and looking to get rid of one?
  12. 2011 streetfighter S 1098 engine cut out

    Street Fighter
    hey i just got a streetfighter S 1098 and i bought it in january its been sitting in a garage untill yesterday march 29 i started it up and was letting it warm up for about 15min then the engine just cut out and it just stopped, the fuel light was on so i put gas into it and it started up and...
  13. New 848 Corse Questions

    Hi All: I just Picked up my first Ducati and it is an 848 Corse. I have been riding for 25 years or so but never on a hyper sport bike like this one. I have a question or 2. What kind of ballpark mileage should I expect from my Supercorsa's with no track days just some spirited street riding...
  14. 2007 Ducati 1098s Problems

    When the Ducati 1098s came out i was stunned at how beautiful it was. I bought a full termignoni exhaust, and deck it out with carbon fiber. It is a pretty bike! However, It has only given me headaches and problems!! The bikes engine siezed up on the highway. It just cut off and wouldnt...