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evo 848

  1. Akrapovic exhaust can issues

    Hey guys I'm an owner of a 848 evo corse and also new to this forum. I recently low sided a few months back and have everything back in top top shape but ran in to an issue when came to buying replacement akrapovic exhaust cans for a full akrapovic system. I can't find them anywhere and have...
  2. 2013 Ducati 848 Evo Corse SE Rare FOR SALE

    Fuck me. The time has come to sell my bike. Yes I'm getting older and yes I have other priorities to deal with. Bought this bike so I can track it and carve the canyons but with my schedule and job I never got the chance too. Never raced or Tracked. If you are looking at this bike then you...
  3. Can I handle an 848 EVO?

    Hi Everyone-- Just joined the form and am hoping you can help me with a question. I would really like to purchase an 848 EVO -- it's a stunning bike!! However, I am concerned that it may be too much bike for me at this point (reviews seem to indicate it is not for inexperienced riders. About...