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  1. Parts
    Selling my spare 2013 Ducati 848 EVO engine. I bought this back in 2017 as a spare engine for the race season but never ended up having to use it. Engine only has 4400 miles on it. Only reason I'm selling it is I'm parting out my 848 race bike to fund racing my 1100 next year. $2,500 Plus...
  2. Parts
    I am looking for both passenger footpegs Preferably from EU, but other locations are welcome.
  3. 899
    I have read similar threads on here but was hoping for some input. I recently purchased an 2012 848 Evo and after tune up and purchase of new tires I sold it. I was not a fan of the way the bike rode and it seemed very bulky. It was fast but I could not get past the heat on the back of my legs...
  4. 848
    I am a first time Ducati owner, and first time poster on Ducati :), previously only owned japanese bikes, CBR1000RR GSXR 750 etc. I recently purchased a 2012 848 Evo. Love the look and power of the bike but I was looking to purchase an aftermarket exhaust. I really like the look of the 4 pipe...
  5. 848
    I have always worked on all my bikes (Japanese) as far as maintenance is concern, but having never owned a Ducati before I have never dealt with timing belt changes. I have seen some videos on YouTube on the L twins but not detailed enough to really feel comfortable to change the belts myself...
  6. Bikes
    SOLD: 2013 Ducati 848 Evo Corse SE SOLD I'm reluctantly selling my 2013 Ducati 848 Evo Corse SE. I love this bike, but I'm not going to be spending any time at a track for a while and I'm otherwise not riding it much at all vs. other bikes I have. I'm also thinking about picking up a scrambler...
  7. Parts
    For sale as a package deal only power commander, fuel optimizer, quick shifter module and sensor, termis carbon fiber cans, both caps scratched, and one can is dented from the strap which dose not effect performance, ducati performance race computer. All parts were dyno tuned on a 2011 848 evo...
  8. Bikes
    Up for grabs is a beautiful Ducati 848 Corse for sale. $8000.00 Low miles - 3268k Meticulously maintained LeoVince Carbon and stainless full exhaust system. Also fitted with BMC race filter and Ducati Performance tune HID Headlights ASV Levers 14T conversion Battery charge cable under...
  9. Wanted
    Anyone have one they're lookin to get rid of? Serious buyer, cash on hand.
  10. Parts
    Brand new Rizoma grips and ends red and black, still in box. used but in excellent condition integrated tail lights, Clear flashing break, sequential signal indicator, plug and go. rear brake pads new in wrapper. I have mercedes Gl class parts too if interested.... pm me or text...
  11. 848
    Hello all! My name is Josh, new to the forum!! Im currently in the process of buying an 848 Evo, two models have popped up at a rather good price range (less than 15k) Both 2012's etc, but I'm leaning more towards one as it literally has 1500km and no mods besides Termi exhaust vs 11,000km...
  12. Wanted
    anyone looking to sell and if so how much do you want ?
  13. Wanted
    Interested in upper, lower, rear seat, and front fairings for 848 evo dark stealth color. What can I say? The bike must be inbred. Thought the pavement was its sister and wanted to touch every fairing it could haha. :shitfan: Located in WA
  14. Bikes
    Looking to see what's out there. Let me know, I'm located in MA. Thanks
  15. 848
    Hi all -- someone just dropped my brand new 2013 848 EVO and I am looking for a replacement clutch cover and right fairing (white). Can anyone help? many thanks!
  16. 848
    I understand a lot of riders replace their sprockets. Whatever the reason...color change, design, material (lighter), tooth ratio, etc. So where are all the stock sprockets once they've been replaced. I'm looking for someone who wants to sell their stock OEM "REAR" sprocket for my 2012 848 EVO.
  17. How-tos
    Here's is what is my situation, the Duc was parked in my garage for the last 6 months or so. I tried starting it yesterday and there is no display or nothing. It seems as if the battery is completely dead. I purchased a battery tender (CTEK 8.0 US) left it connected for almost 24 hrs. NO LUCK...
  18. For Sale/Wanted
    2011 Ducati 848evo. Dark(black) Only 1646 miles. $10,000.00 Motorcycle is like new, properly broken in and maintained. I have track day accessories, plastic, spares ect as well. Additional pictures at photobucket. User search VetA253 Get in touch but only if you are serious and have the...
  19. Media
    updating video. don't know how to delete thread.
  20. 848
    All I have the stock cans from my 2012 EVO for sale. They were removed at the dealership before I picked up the bike, so they have virtually no miles on them. $800 for the pair. PM me if interested. -Dave
1-20 of 24 Results